Splinter Cell новое

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Splinter Cell

Video Rating: 4 / 5

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комментариев 18

  1. ihsan ahmed:

    its all about england

  2. thejimjam819:

    He missied the pipes on the ceiling «-_-

  3. TheJlovinit:

    Ya and 1 dislike in 5 months amazing!

  4. TheJlovinit:

    I used to suck at this game… then I started spamming nades…

  5. CobaltFIr3:

    what a name you have guy

  6. I8ObamasKFC:

    good times

  7. querty129:

    Noooooo!!! you jinxed it !!! :'(

  8. stjoseph84:

    1:20 Seamus’ stealthy approach. Hilarious

  9. Alex Arroyo:

    sam fisher FTW!!!!!!!

  10. RevelationsWarfare:

    4:00 LOL «We’ll see who’s laughing when I put my foot up your-« BOOM! *guy dies*

  11. FailingSpartans:

    Nicely Gun

  12. MegaD3lta:

    Yeah! The first one took a LOT MORE strategic thinking than this one.

  13. jasonxlolaap:

    Stupid bitch betraided sam -_- xD
    Awesome 2 love it

  14. GeneralBlackRock:

    Why does ubisoft always have to the U.S. look like a push over really the secret service got their asses kicked by guys in blue jumpsuits

  15. UberHaxorSk8Dude:

    WoW 0 Dislikes…Cool!!

  16. tommie314101:

    Justin bieber as a suggestion on an SSoH video? Dafuq is this shit.

  17. PhoenixGodX:


  18. resicom97:

    2:28 that reminds me of Air Force One