Super Mario Galaxy новое

Music from the game «Super Mario Galaxy»

[youtube WsAFpdAgh6A]

Super Mario Galaxy

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  1. mattyas gardalof:

    i waching chong chan shhhdhsi ks akdn e3kjn faknskjnarreloko skadjsakj kdhfkasjdskalgfsad jawachit Sweet Child O mine!! sakdks hfghjas fdhkdjsfjas gdjsjk ksfggesmclx klgnfslgjn the Dark!!of Side mark!! skladjksaljdslk g juiewead EXITO!

  2. kirby675:

    my favorite theme has to be between this Battlerock and Gusty Garden

  3. ColdBurn8:

    If there was a music that could describe anything about outer space, it would be this.

  4. TheInvaderKeizy:


    But mix it with the underwater part. 😀

  5. ManlyManFishGuy:

    I personally like this track the most of all tracks in SMG. (2 excluded)

  6. RobTheMidgetMan:

    This. 😛

  7. Abby LeGear:

    I listen to this and other SMG songs while I am writing my novel. Gives me epic ideas XD

  8. beepboop71:

    mine would have to be a tie between this, gusty garden and throwback galaxy

  9. Boomboomshroom:

    Puzzle Plank Galaxy from SMG2. I listen to it on repeat on my iPod so much.

  10. SuperMaligan:

    0:46-1:00 is that a theremin?

  11. legendofzelda28395:

    Agreed, love the credits 🙂

  12. legendofzelda28395:

    Tie between Credits and none other than Gusty Garden.

  13. torster2:


  14. torster2:


  15. siskavard:

    Man, they really delivered on the music with this game!

  16. Cman0451:

    My favorite definately HAS to be the credits music!

  17. GameRKade:

    It’s a top comment! Saw it right away! BTW my favorite is megaleg

  18. Jovana Sanchez:

    My favorite is Battlerock/Dourght?Galaxy music. This one is definitely one of my top 5 though.

  19. AwesomeSauce74:

    Do I have to choose? D=