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A playthrough of «Suburbs» (Map16) of Doom II: Hell on Earth for PC, played through GLBoom. 100% kills, 100% secrets (Max-Kill). A rather lethal map, if only because of the Blue Skull Key. Easy to take care of though if you’re very careful and come packing roughly 400 cells and the BFG. They even give you an Invulnerability, if you can navigate the Arch-Vile guarding it. Outside of that, simply getting started is the only other difficult task in this map. Being brutally honest here. It’s fun, even if it’s a Sandy Petersen map. Sure, it doesn’t look like the most amazing map, but there is a bit of a fun factor here. In fact, this map is rather ugly. Then again, that’s what the author is known for, oh well. It’s fun, and there’s no other way to put it. Especially since it’s the first -real- use where the BFG can simply be spammed to take care of a large number of demons at once. With this map, we’re officially over half-way done with Doom II: Hell on Earth.

[youtube Y82wDBXHOk0]

WalkThrough 100 Cells

Video Rating: 5 / 5

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  1. AltimaMantoid:

    Oh shit, seriously!? This map could cause a visplane overflow on the PSX!? LOL! Oh god now I need to try to recreate this. As for the map, it’s not the best designed map but it IS downright fun. It’s not a bad map, despite Sandy’s fingerprints all over it.

  2. nopoet406:

    Wow, one of the <30% of Sandy Petersen maps I actually liked. This one is epic in co-op mode, especially if you run around activating all the monsters then cower in the houses. Used to regularly get visplane overflows on the PSX... Doom was the ONLY game that ever crashed my Playstation 😉

  3. AltimaMantoid:

    I do that on occasion lol

  4. quickeveryoneactlega:

    haha altoid talks like a kittne.. «i can haz?»

  5. AltimaMantoid:

    I will give you that. He did make a few good maps, and cities are definitely difficult to do… but in my opinion, the Chasm is an immortal sin on Doom 2. Sandy is responsible for the Arch-Vile and a few of the maps in Doom 2 he did are a bit dirty and downright fun (Map23 comes to mind!)

  6. theant1987:

    Sandy wasn’t terrible but he seems to have been doing maps outside his comfort zone. It doesn’t take the fancy build engine to make a city environment that plays like a shooter, but caverns, abstract realms, and stone labyrinthes are a lot easier than cities. More fun to make too.
    …And then he made THE GOD DAMNED CHASM!!!1 But I forgive him.

  7. AltimaMantoid:

    No, I can’t scapegoat Petersen here, however. 14 is amazing. It has this unique feel to it, even if it doesn’t resemble «Earth» it does keep true to the title in a way. 15 has an Earth-ish feel but not quite of an Industrial Zone. It keeps with isolated structures in the map, and it IS rather large. Despite the fissure in the middle of the map. 17? I don’t even know what to say about that one.

  8. rep5281:

    As much as you’d love to scapegoat SP, he can’t be blamed for maps 14,15,17. Nothing like Earth. I can only assume it was gameplay over design.

  9. AltimaMantoid:

    Petersen made: Map12, Map13, Map16, Map18, and Map19(!?!) as far as anything city-related goes. Which… means… basically, all of the city-themed maps.

  10. rep5281:

    @AltimaMantoid That doesn’t excuse the maps not made by Sandy Peterson that don’t resemble any kind of cityscape.

  11. AltimaMantoid:

    It’s not that id couldn’t, it’s that Sandy Peterson is terrible.

  12. rep5281:

    I don’t understand why modders can make more realistic maps but Id couldn’t.

  13. AltimaMantoid:

    It doesn’t, but it doesn’t make the map any less fun or hectic 😉