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Collect all Playing Cards on one play-through There are 54 cards in total! You might want to start a new game since lots of them are highly missable and can’t be reached after you passed an area. This Video Guide fits with the order in which you will need to visit main plot locations. There is no ingame map so keep your eyes open. The following areas can’t be visited again: Dead City (visited 2 times) The Well Authority Prison The Gates to Outrigger Settlement will also be closed later on. Make sure you don’t miss any cards here! Don’t forget, that you will also need the cards to reach 100% completion in Rage. Always keep a lock grinder, Bomb Car & EMP Grenade in your inventory. You’re gonna need it. All Vehicle Jumps: www.youtube.com TIMELINE: #1 Dan — Hagar Settlement — 0:07 #2 Grenade — Hagar Settlement — 0:16 #3 Loosum — Hagar Settlement — 0:25 #4 Ghost Bonestick — Ghost Hideout — 0:38 #5 Ghost Boss — Ghost Hideout — 0:47 #6 Janus — Outrigger Settlement — 0:57 #7 Turret — Radio Walkway — 1:07 #8 Rikter — Radio Tower — 1:23 #9 Wasted Club — Wasted Garage (3rd Floor) — 1:38 #10 Wasted Pistol — Wasted Garage (2nd Floor) — 1:51 #11 Wasted Turret — Wasted Garage (1st Floor) — 2:01 #12 Dagger Thrower — Wasteland — 2:12 #13 Ghost Pistol — Ghost Hideout (Requires Lock Grinder) — 2:32 #14 Dune Buster — Hagar Settlement (Can’t be missed) — 2:48 #15 City Guard — Wellspring (5 Cards at once for ) — 3:02 #16 Club Mutant — Wellspring (5 Cards at once for ) — 3:02 #17 Clayton

[youtube DgvU07_0W8Y]

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  1. Hunt77:

    Great video guide, thanks a lot!

  2. FFXITheGodOfPain:

    @Soùl Eáter wish you could have told me that sooner, i already have the plat

  3. Soùl Eáter:

    Go to a card game in one of the bars, you will be able to view all your cards. to see how many you have you can check your deck in the inventory menu.

  4. starwarsexpert38:

    How many cards are you supposed to have before you go to Subway Town?

  5. Dualpicks:

    As far as I can tell there is no way to go back. They straight up block everything off.

  6. xxxVideoGamer007:

    I almost got em all


    dude i was a bit confused my self because at the start of the video before he had taken any card the counter showed 1. then i understood that the number of the counter shows the card he is about to pick for example, at the start when the counter says 1, that´s the card he is gonna pick. counter goes 2 and he finds the second card and…so it´s correct just follow the video

  8. FFXITheGodOfPain:


  9. FatalKGaming:

    I missed the one at Dead City with the RC car bomb. Can I get that on the Dead City reverse mission?

  10. xxxVideoGamer007:

    Never mind. I was worried there for a sec.

  11. xxxVideoGamer007:

    R u able to go back to the ghost hideout?

  12. plainlake:

    They sure made me rage when I found that out…

  13. Theduchguy:

    or at the well….

  14. nuclearghost001:

    10:22 how does that wall brake?

  15. callmewisdom:

    I don’t, but I’m not complaining either.

  16. nuclearghost001:

    once youve got onto second disk can you go back onto 1st disc?