Super Mario Galaxy новое

Music from the game «Super Mario Galaxy»

[youtube 85CPQD6hpgU]

Super Mario Galaxy

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комментариев 13

  1. Neal Green:

    This is awesome! Can someone make a remix of this and make it better if that would be nice.

  2. mysterykcad:

    I like how the first few seconds pump you up, so that after each death, it motivates you to keep going. I actually wound up enjoying my deaths in the final level, because that meant that I got to hear the awesome beginning of this song.

  3. RobTheMidgetMan:

    … MARRY ME. XD

  4. MrHaderia:

    Wow, sexist much? Quite a lot of girls actually hate JB. Don’t put us all into the same box, thanks.

  5. Ultrasteel:

    People who don’t say «noob». :3

  6. MystyrNile:

    @MinecraftianCitizan Hooray 2000s decade! I remembered it had its own slang when I watched a movie where someone said «None of your bee’s wax!»

  7. Darkappler:

    or a cookie!

  8. Yukisuna Samura:

    I Agree 100%, The best music is that which doesnt use any Vocalist, instrumentals are the best! 😀

  9. TheBurgerMyster:

    You sir, deserve a medal.

  10. angelrulez7:

    My favorite song from this game.

  11. Mariochannel101:

    I love 0:33 -0:50

  12. DimentioMan20:


  13. TheMaskedMan09:

    +87 points for Humanity