**Building Tracklist Below** Full 100 minute set of Jamie XX b2b with Caribou at the Boiler Room in October 2011. Uploaded it because it is one of my favourite sets of at least the past year, and i wanted to share it with the plethora of fans out there. I will regularly update the description with the tracklisting, if people can identify them in the comments. I know a few of the tracks so will add them soon. Let me make crystal clear that i respect any copyright holders involved in this video; the Boiler Room, Jamie XX and Caribou. Please let me know if there are any problems copyright wise. 3:30 Casino Times — That’s The Truth (Friends Of The Family EP) 8:40 droog & inxec — unhinged 14:00 DANCE KINGS — CLIMB THE WALLS 15:12 LDV — CLIMB THE WALL 18:11 David Joseph — You Cant Hide (Your Love From Me) 24:11 Jamie XX — Far Nearer 27:00 Ye Ye Daphni 30:40 GOODY GOODY IT LOOKS LIKE LOVE 32:00 It Looks Like Love Dimitri from Paris 41:01 Atjazz — Underlined (mr beatnick remix) 49:50 Daphni — Yes, I Know 51:00 Eliphino — More Than Me 64:36 Tuff & Jam — Track No Name 67:55 El B & Jay The Flex — The Club (Ghost EP) 70:50 4 Deep Connextion — Twisted Future 74:00 Mosca — Done Me Wrong 82:42 No Boundaries — Modular Pursuits (Daphni Mix) 86:42 Pheeroan Ak Laff — 3 in 1 1:20:00 The XX — Night Time 1:30:30 Night Time — The XX (Jamie xx Edit i think) 1:36:20 Computer Madness Steve Poindexter 1:41:00 Radiohead — Bloom (Jamie xx Rework)

[youtube HzA-u2GpSv0]