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  1. LFDN22:

    I still don’t understand that shit either. I may have somewhat understand cutting of the hand once he got bit right away but cutting it off hours after the bite makes no sense.The virus is already cursing through the guy blood. Cutting off a body part now, wouldn’t do a thing, add to the fact; that he has limited of time to find the girl, cutting off that arm would just slow the process of finding Clementine even more. So no, I wouldn’t say, cutting off your hand was the best choice.

  2. TheGunslinger019:

    In my gameplay i didn’t have anyone with me cause i send them away they needn’t to get killed for my sake in fact when i am already dead due to the bite… Soooooo i had to cut the arm myself…

  3. Gakupoid:

    Thanks for the no commentary.

  4. art1ej:

    I hate that lee still gets bitten….

  5. DragonHeart00926:

    I thought you just took Ben with you?!

  6. ChristianCabia:

    the arm cutting part  8:30

  7. 666789443:

    What the fuck!!!!!

  8. bunratha14:

    This guy is the shit not shit in the literal sense, but the shit everyone likes

  9. PS3XLR8:

    Fuck it! Cut off the hand!

  10. Super87Ultima:

    what the FUCK!!!!!!!! you shouldve waited to check if lee lives not cut his Hand!!!!!!!!

  11. zapata8443:

    @zchopec all of them aren’t lying. I’m more cautious than anyone, but then I got paid 50 clams put into my account! Its dead simple all you have to do is complete some opinion polls . Take a look >>> bit.ly/QdoMtT?=ukpcdb

  12. Kiernan Gillen:

    wheres ben?

  13. fjordon87:

    Hagar it said this is Gona hurt

  14. Bayani8:

    Lee is such a fucking man!

  15. mynegaims:

    oh… so that’s what happened that sucks. but thank you.

  16. HoneyBadgerStar:

    No, the uploader did a switcheroo

  17. HoneyBadgerStar:


  18. HoneyBadgerStar:

    I thought I was the only one thinking this dude!

  19. HoneyBadgerStar:

    The commentary of many videos can make or break it. The lack of commentary of this let’s play is the reason that made me watch all 4+ hours of it. Wouldn’t of done that otherwise.

  20. xxxrnjaxxx:

    you may have alternative choices in game but story will end up the same , they should make alternate endings so you can really affect storyline with your choices

  21. maplerjay:


    I freaked out when lee agreed to cutting his hand off