Metroid Prime 3 (Trilogy Version) Walk-Through Part 65: 75% &100% Ending, and Credits

Part 65 of my Metroid Prime 3 (Trilogy Version) Walk-through. 75% Ending Credits — 1:12 100% Ending — 5:50 Items acquired in this video: None — All Acquired Item Checklist: Missile Launcher — X Grapple Lasso — X PED Suit — X Grapple Swing — X Ice Missile — X Ship Missile Launcher — X Hyper Ball — X Boost Ball — X Plasma Beam — X Screw Attack — X Ship Grapple Beam — X Seeker Missile Launcher — X Hyper Missile — X X-Ray Visor — X Grapple Voltage — X Spider Ball — X Hazard Shield — X Nova Beam — X Hyper Grapple — X Power-up Checklist Missile Expansions — 50/50 Energy Tanks — 14/14 Ship Missile Expansions — 8/8 Energy Cells — 9/9

[youtube zwsOePKaqjw]

WalkThrough 100 Cells

Video Rating: 5 / 5

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  1. Miemand:

    actually dark samus = metroid prime + plus phazon suite of samus, in metroid prime 1 when you defeated metroid prime he rips of your phazon suite to stay alive aka dark samus was born

  2. Dzzy123:

    I think that if they do go back to Other M’s gameplay style, I think they should use the Prime game’s engine. Prime 3 looks way better than Other M.

  3. Kenneth Dueck:

    I have metroid prime 3 its ff…ing cool

  4. BladeCarver89:

    Sylux’s ship from Metroid Hunters???

  5. TheVolltrottel0:

    what is the spaceship in the end???????

  6. Dragonknight20xx:

    Oh! And by the way

    — first: I think the changeable beams were a great Idea — would really like to see them being brought back.


    — second: why MP 2? Well, I just think it was the game, out of the Trilogy, which had the best (emotional) acting with a very good balance between understandable/expectable feelings/reactions and sheer badassnes in action packed scenes.

  7. Dragonknight20xx:

    Well, I personally wouldn’t mind to let Retro Studios develop the next Metroid game either.
    BUT, I see no point in simply throwing away most gameplay elements from «other M» — at least the great graphics and awesome moves.
    This and the complex story of a not so awfully-often-whining Samus (in other words: the story of a Samus as in the «Metroid Prime» Trilogy — most preferably MP2) would make a good game. Adding genius sounds like in MP 1/2/3 would surely boost it to a must-have-masterpiece.

  8. Twin0017:

    Hey I would like to exchange Friend vouchers for MPT
    My Wii Number is : 3985 9835 0350 7216
    Please PM me

  9. nintendoluigi:

    Well…Samus didn’t get ordered around, she didn’t talk with a brain dead voice, she was a solitary badass who didn’t afriad of anything, and she successfully purged the galaxy of phazon…this definitely ISN’T Metroid: Other M, thank god for Retro Studios and the Prime trilogy saving our girl from being put on Nintendo’s back shelf, here’s to hoping Retro’s next game will be a Metroid side-scroller. They did say that thier next project would be something «everyone wants us to do.»

  10. tenebre26:

    can anybody tell me what’s the difference between MP3 corruption and MP3 trilogy version

  11. CoalitionOfGearsGOW:


  12. CoalitionOfGearsGOW:

    maybe ridley came back AGAIN!
    nah im kidding. your theory is possibly the most likely.

  13. Matt Kashman:

    @jeminem619 it was the song from metroid prime 1 in tallon overworld

  14. Twin0017:

    @crappyfilmproduction Sorry but the correct order is Metroid, Metroid Zero Mission, Metroid Prime Trilogy, Metroid II: The Return of Samus, Super Metroid, Metroid Other M, and Metroid Fusion.

  15. mattbob22ify:

    Who is sylus and why would he chase samus ?(didn’t play hunters)

  16. Dennis AHUE:

    that was sylux from metroid prime hunters (DS)….he’s weapon is the shock coil….

  17. jeminem619:

    was that the pokemon theme i heard at the mission final report screen?

  18. jeminem619:

    thats correct

  19. SuperUnit101:


  20. acolyteelite:

    how she uhh… put her whole hair in the helmet O_O?