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After years of roaming the worlds in Super Mario 64 alone, you can now do so with a friend! Just as Nintendo had originally planned, this modification turns all of SM64 multiplayer. —Download— Download (1.1): www.dropbox.com PPF Version (1.1): www.dropbox.com Wii Channel WAD (1.1): www.dropbox.com —Mirror— Download (1.1): www.filebox.com PPF Version (1.1): www.filebox.com Wii Channel WAD (1.1): www.filebox.com If I didn’t make it clear, the patch must be applied to an original 8mb Super Mario 64 (U) rom. If you are feeling generous and want to support my work with a donation, I have added a PayPal button to my homepage here: sites.google.com After I finish some more debugging of this, the boundary patch, and Star Road, I’ll get back to work on Star Road 2 and hopefully have a little more luck designing the first level. Music by Lockerz102.

[youtube AJTLOiz5kws]

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комментариев 17

  1. FinalRadiance:

    Does the Wii Channel WAD support online as well? And how would it work?

  2. DarkCrystalFlame:

    i had to go into the sound functions and put a check in the box thats there for it to work

  3. Luigi2012SM64DS:

    Did you set your RAM to 8MB?

  4. ChrisTheSaiyanhog:

    i did everything but its not working for me D:

  5. BobPedoson:

    The readme.txt included says: «I recommend playing with the emulator provided, as later versions of Project 64 will crash randomly.»
    You know, there is a reason they’re called READ ME.

  6. VampyricalCurse:

    I think I may have fixed it. Once the game starts, I ticked the option in the audio plugin that says «Sync Audio to Game» or something like that. It fixed it for me. Also there’s a version of Project64 that has the right settings for this game, I also got that. One big downfall of this is that I cannot seem to be able to save. It says it does, but when I restart the emulator, it erases it.

  7. Kalveas:

    Idem i have this to

    I have try with :


    AQZ ( direct ip )

    And freeze any time <<

  8. Kalveas:

    HI i have a random Freeze on multiplayer Do you have FIX ?

  9. Whythisyou:

    I tried Player 3 on wii version and it didnt work….

  10. VampyricalCurse:

    This is really cool. But the game freezes randomly, why?

  11. ExtremegamerPlays:

    When i played some minutes the game freezes anytime. What can i do to make it warking?

  12. rockguythirtytwo:

    Any way to make player 2 Luigi instead?

  13. rayfan9876:

    I find this video incredibly heartwarming for some reason. Maybe it’s the music whilst watching two Marios play together, but it feels like my childhood is being tickled with a feather in good spirits.

  14. bettervidsthensmosh7:

    Awesome mod! Can’t wait for 1.2 to come out.

  15. Benjo22LP:

    i get an error at Project64k it says «not enough memory for Jump Table» and after that » Failed to allocate Memory» what should i do?

  16. SploogeGaming:

    Luigi couldn’t make it. He’s to busy being a badass.

  17. DjSpoofeR:

    Amazing ! Thanks !