Please enable annotations and read the text below for more information. *** Ask questions here: *** REQUIREMENTS: — 150k gold for normal mode. — A few hours of time provided you aren’t horribly unlucky. — Normal mode cleared. NOTES/FAQ: — Many of these items or areas do not have a 100% spawn rate. Some of the spawn rates are very low (~10%). If the spawns do not appear, then you must remake the game until they do. — The Staff is infinitely reusable for whichever difficulty it is made for. This guide is for making the normal mode staff and can unlock Whimsyshire an unlimited amount of times in normal mode. To create higher difficulty staffs you must upgrade them with plans which are located at a merchant in Act IV that is next to the mercenary/follower characters (purchasable only in nightmare/hell/inferno, upgrades cost 15k/50k/100k respectively). — Higher difficulty level versions of the staff may still be used to unlock Whimsyshire at lower difficulties. Therefore a Hell mode staff will allow you to enter Whimsyshire in Normal, Nightmare, and Hell. — Only one player needs the staff for an entire party to join — each player does not need their own staff to enter. STEP-BY-STEP FARMING DIRECTIONS: Black Mushrooms Select Act 1, Last quest — Enter WP: Cathedral Garden — Enter Leoric’s Passage, then enter Cathedral Level 1 and search for mushrooms. — TP out, re-enter Leoric’s Passage and enter Cathedral Level 2 and search. — TP out, use waypoint to enter

[youtube D2GGjj3Zhpo]