Minecraft Survival — OH MY GOD! (S2E66)

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[youtube s8vfDV6mBY8]

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комментариев 17

  1. Justin Perez:

    with a bowl

  2. philphil4673:

    they do 4 hunger baked potatoes

  3. amir ackerman:

    this is a demo land

  4. Adrian Kornev:

    total bossness Jevin

  5. Purpledots69:

    Nice house

  6. Joli Kelly:

    When I wrote that comment I wasen’t at that part yet.

  7. Johan Lynggaard:

    Yeah he says that at 24:30

  8. hctcboy:

    …. you were 806th….

  9. InstaFacePound:

    i is called my-silly-umm

  10. Kris fisher:

    if you «milk» a musroom with a bowl u get musroom soup

  11. Ben Kohlberg:

    just writing this for the 400 comments challenge!

  12. NuclearBaconInc:

    No sound november.

  13. gskiller1999:

    Lol at the rabdom train part!

  14. Bosszombieminers:

    Awesome clip!!! you got so lucky with everything! I wish i was as skilled as you are. u should make a train station

  15. trystan846:

    who else noticed the zombie testificate at 22:30

  16. Rhyno186:

    lol 22:43 walks right by iron.

  17. DrZegobob101:

    It spreads faster than grass.