First Powercell: Difficulty: 1/5 You actually have to try to miss this one, it’s right in front of you after the first ledge! Second Powercell: Difficulty: 1/5 It’s in all the scout-fly boxes, in this level they are all right next to each other for demonstrational purposes, so just break all of the boxes and you’ll get it! Third Powercell: Difficulty: 1/5 Again, pretty difficult to miss this one. Just open the giant precursor door (Which you have to do), and it’s right behind it. Fourth Powercell: Difficulty: 1/5 Finally, this one is right in your path once again, just grab it once you reach the top of the cliff, it’s right next to the floating platform. Precursor Orbs: Most of them are really easy, as they’ll be in your path in this level. However, after you get the Powercell from the Scout Fly’s, jump off the cliff next to it, those should be the only ones you’ll have any sort of trouble finding.

[youtube Rp82TkpqxfE]