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First Powercell: Difficulty: 1/5 You actually have to try to miss this one, it’s right in front of you after the first ledge! Second Powercell: Difficulty: 1/5 It’s in all the scout-fly boxes, in this level they are all right next to each other for demonstrational purposes, so just break all of the boxes and you’ll get it! Third Powercell: Difficulty: 1/5 Again, pretty difficult to miss this one. Just open the giant precursor door (Which you have to do), and it’s right behind it. Fourth Powercell: Difficulty: 1/5 Finally, this one is right in your path once again, just grab it once you reach the top of the cliff, it’s right next to the floating platform. Precursor Orbs: Most of them are really easy, as they’ll be in your path in this level. However, after you get the Powercell from the Scout Fly’s, jump off the cliff next to it, those should be the only ones you’ll have any sort of trouble finding.

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23 комментария

  1. DisasterPiece0302

    I like all the games. I like the world Jak 2 created, even if it tries a bit too hard. Speaking of hard, Jak 2s hero mode was really difficult, something I enjoy.

  2. TheStimpyland

    Too bad Jak 2 tried to be edgy and badass. The original was such a great game.

    Seriously! It’s more needlessly over-the-top than Shadow the Hedgehog!

  3. Stickgoncraz

    Jak 1-3 are the only good ones (great I mean). Jak X was a Racing spinoff, okay. And Jak The Lost Frontier is pretty bad; the original developers didn’t create it.

  4. Stickgoncraz

    I remember when I got 100% as a kid. I was excited to not see that 99.99% or so, Lol. I beat the game in like 2 hours as well but getting 100% was a bit challenging.

  5. DrGrimPlacebo

    thank god i found this i love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. TheMrJay8

    This is the only Jak and Daxter I’ve played. All I know about the others is that Jak is grown up and for some reason that put me off but I might buy 2 and 3 to see what they’re like. I’m guessing 2 and 3 are one storyline and The Lost Frontier is separate?

  7. pikkisful

    actually i’m sorry to say i don’t find this game as awsose as you

  8. Feng Yuan

    One of the best games I ever played

  9. gkh281

    i loved this game and i beaten it fully so many times, has to be one of my favorite PS2 Games of all time

  10. GoodDankkk

    Fuck Jak and Daxter The Lost Frontier

  11. bbaauuiiss

    haha, i bought the collection today, and i already got a platinum trophy in the first game xD

  12. TheUndertaker575

    does this guide have every orb??

  13. bassplayer2011ify

    pick up the jak and daxter collection today working on the first one right now brings back so many memories

  14. aldrin7441

    LOVE the jak and daxter series and r&c

  15. Angelos Procopos

    Don’t swim too deep the monster fish will eat you up!

  16. Angelos Procopos

    Reason i will beat Jak and Daxter The Precursor Legacy soon.

  17. Angelos Procopos

    In my dream I fell into dark eco and I have dark eco powers monster transformation weird? 

  18. Angelos Procopos

    I remember this game when I was young and I played this game but I can’t get pass.

  19. Angelos Procopos

    I beat Jak 2 and Jak 3.

  20. Angelos Procopos

    Good walkthrough man! Now keep playing until you beat the game soon,

  21. Xxwolverinefan123xX

    i paused at 5:24 and pooped myself

  22. ReEvilProductions

    You dont get all insects?

  23. ReEvilProductions

    Thnks for the video,time to platinum

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