BigCity is in trouble, and only one superhero can be bothered to save the day from the doings of Evil Engineer! At last, Pancake Man is back in a sequel (sequels never fail, amiright?) and I shamelessly ruin more superhero tropes. And he still can’t get the hang of one-liners. —— Due to popular demand, I managed to make the Pancake Man model available as an addon in Garry’s Mod! I tested it, it works fine (mostly) And as a Scout replacement for both RED snd BLU for Team Fortress 2: —— Music Used: More Gun — TF2 [0:00-0:30] Tension — Super Mario Galaxy 2 [0:44-1:04] Faster than a Speeding Bullet — TF2 [1:08-1:30] Ryu’s Determination (Act 4-2) — Ninja Gaiden [2:03-2:29]

[youtube djHWRms84tg]

Video Rating: 4 / 5