Super Mario Galaxy новое

BigCity is in trouble, and only one superhero can be bothered to save the day from the doings of Evil Engineer! At last, Pancake Man is back in a sequel (sequels never fail, amiright?) and I shamelessly ruin more superhero tropes. And he still can’t get the hang of one-liners. —— Due to popular demand, I managed to make the Pancake Man model available as an addon in Garry’s Mod! I tested it, it works fine (mostly) And as a Scout replacement for both RED snd BLU for Team Fortress 2: —— Music Used: More Gun — TF2 [0:00-0:30] Tension — Super Mario Galaxy 2 [0:44-1:04] Faster than a Speeding Bullet — TF2 [1:08-1:30] Ryu’s Determination (Act 4-2) — Ninja Gaiden [2:03-2:29]

[youtube djHWRms84tg]

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комментария 22

  1. daniel trenerry:

    What the l4d2?!?!?!?

  2. flamenekonedm:

    aww I thought engi was gonna say bacon.

  3. Vinícius Prinholato:

    0:34 MeeM!

  4. TheDRAG0N22:

    you saw the video too -_-

  5. SuperMario3321:

    Actually the scout says it if he’s on low health, has bonk out and takes damage.

  6. xservintage:

    Love that boink transition.

  7. IHateHelicopters101:

    Holy crap, it is.

  8. IHatingTheHaxxorz:

    Your name…….too similar to mine

  9. Borghesi08:

    i liked the swirling pancake followed by BOINKBOINKBOBOBOINK

  10. AlexIsDesu:

    love the pancake puns.

  11. Wario Mania:

    Moral of story: don’t bring a wrench to a pancake fight……wait what?

  12. StrangeTeamFortress2:

    where is part 1 ?


    it looks real fake

  14. Fseja35:

    LOL Philips TV!!!!

  15. Arrwzyfrrzynhezzi:

    Engie was fappin XD

  16. MegaGamemaster108:

    Pancake man abilities:1super speed. 2 dispenser drop. 3 firing pancakes and a super bat

  17. tarapapi:

    Guess you could say Engineer’s pancakes was cooked to a perfect golden brown

  18. Nekosculta:

    « HAHAHAHAHAHAA- yeah, whatever… «

  19. gabulldogs96:

    @BlueChameleon01 you should make heavy sandwich man 😀

  20. dylanmcconnaughey1:


  21. Geometrywars64:

    How’d you make this?

  22. Lhopx21:

    we can all chip in a little bit for those who have garrys mod if you would like!
    For those who dont have garrys mod, we can all help his confidence, by making a 2nd account and subscribing to his video, or as little as leaving a comment or a thumbs up. Post this video on every one of his videos to see that we care and we want scout is hero 5!