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Here’s a walkthrough of me going through Metroid Prime 3: Corruption for Wii on Hyper Mode (aka Hard Mode). I am getting a 100% completion in pickups, logbook completion, and Credits/Friend Vouchers. Samus goes on to meet Aurora Unit 242, amazingly looking like Mother Brain. After being briefed on what happened in the past month, Samus heads on to Bryyo. Items acquired: PED Suit Friend Voucher — 200 Kills (sometime on Norion) Scans acquired: Phazon Enhancement Device (Lore) *one time only* Phazon (Lore) *one time only* Main Item List: Missile Launcher [x] Grapple Lasso [x] PED Suit [x] Grapple Swing Ice Missile Ship Missile Launcher Hyper Ball Boost Ball Plasma Beam Screw Attack Ship Grapple Beam Seeker Missile Launcher Hyper Missile X-Ray Visor Grapple Voltage Spider Ball Hazard Shield Nova Beam Hyper Grapple Expansions: Missile Expansions — 1/50 Energy Tanks — 2/14 Gunship Missile Expansions — 0/8 Energy Cells — 0/9

[youtube sMInBycJ5O4]

WalkThrough 100 Cells

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  1. Gjeorje:

    In the next game Samus gets her PEZ suit, which dispenses chalky sweets straight into her mouth via her GUD («Grubs Up» Display)

  2. ninjakid1003:

    maybe he played other m

  3. wintend01:

    If you no what you get if you fill up the kill bar thing please tell me. I have 500 and i just got the Ped suit.

  4. Armaan Esfahani:

    You seem suprised, you think Samus can’t handle it? I think she can show you why she’s able to handle it.

  5. Armaan Esfahani:

    Geez guys, if you hate the scanning and stuff, skip to the part that you need help on, AND STOP YOUR WHINING!

  6. silenceofthehills:

    I don’t really like the fusion suit. It doesn’t look serious with the BatMan arm «blades» and all the mixing colors. I’d rather they did something like the PED suit. I also can’t see her without her shoulder pads either.

    Maybe if the colors were yellow/yellow, yellow/orange yellow/purple, that would be ok, but really, the Fusion suit is TOO colorful.

    I think I like the design seen on the M4 beta better too, the solid red/dull yellow.


  7. PkFireAlpha:

    «We owe you one»
    «We owe you one»
    «We owe you one»

  8. venomousstring:

    It’s detailed it’s annoying…
    I like it 🙂

  9. Arwingmaster23:


  10. Kevin Shuey:

    i like how youve repeated that same statement to almost everyone who bothers about scanning when they dont know that 100% means all items and scam EVERYTHING and EVERYONE. lol its funny

  11. ThatBum42:

    I never made the connection between the AU’s and Mother Brain. I feel a bit stupid now.

  12. SuperWaveShredder:

    Wouldn’t they end up repeating history from the Chozo ruins?

  13. ShadowMario3:

    I know there are lots of scans out there that are not added to the logbook, but I like to scan them anyway, as this isn’t a speed run or anything. It adds more to the game.

  14. hellnotonwheels1:

    stop scaning things