Splinter Cell новое

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[youtube 3NH6Sh3ML0E]

Splinter Cell

Video Rating: 4 / 5

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комментарий 21

  1. Missdark Matter:

    Femurs of steal LOL

  2. Evan Danley:


  3. bamitsobby:

    if i had 1 dollar for every time you said «frag out» i would be a mllionaire

  4. HaloMaster3241991:

    lol » they not even coming»

  5. HawkXgamin:


  6. Uberpwn242:

    That’s how you know the game’s unrealistic 😉

  7. carlwells1000:

    Seamus u always make games transform into awesome!

  8. 2006micael:

    I hate stealth gameplays thats why i love your gameplays

  9. Anthony Wade:

    just played the first one and grim looks NOTHING like she does in this one

  10. SuperRobotMonky:


  11. HidForHG:

    It does bring a tear to the eye. They grow-up so quickly!

  12. kryomaniac:

    7:45 remember, if you talk mad shit before you die, you’ll die.

  13. mightycod9000:

    sam fisher is chuck norris in disguise

  14. 00IlikePie00:

    Frag grenades are like flash bangs, except more, explode-y.

  15. horseops:

    *Big problem confronts Seamus*. 
    Seamus: FRAG OUT!!

  16. amanda k:

    Oh shi shi coco puff on our way to victory

  17. resori33:

    I havent had an ad in like 3 months! not even those little popup ones! (:

  18. Edgewalker001:

    «Big man: Throw a switch, OOOOOOOOOH, I’M SCARED!» =p

    Last words of an idiot XD

  19. Nummynummygamer:

    I hate ads.

  20. MrLuigiman1999:

    i love the way he says frag out 😀

  21. Chubbymonkey0123: