Death Defying Stunt

Now that I’m doing 2-3 clips per video, I need MO SUBMISSIONS Upload your CoD clips to Youtube guide IF YOU COME ACROSS A FUNNY/AMAZING COD CLIP ON YOUTUBE, COMMENT ON IT TELLING THE PERSON TO SUBMIT IT TO AMAZINGFILMS247! Dual Monitors: Death Defying Stunt Clip by: Music: Super Mario Galaxy Soundtrack My Facebook: My Twitter:

[youtube 5qeEuQ5lCmU]

Super Mario Galaxy

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комментариев 19

  1. Golol cohan:

    rex only

  2. mrtherocker1231:

    Yeh i found out its battlefield so im more of a call of duty fan so you know just saying

  3. wellenzohnben:

    i love that game!!

  4. xXCakeIndustryXx Clan:

    U cant. He hit the cliff which got rid of his parachute

  5. iScreamPWN:

    I love it when a plan comes together.

  6. Elliot May:

    what an awesome clip, that was hero shit right there

  7. 1080pmedia:

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  8. xxTHExLEGITxx:

    I didn’t know u could parachute. Free fall. And parachute over and over?

  9. ThePassive06:

    jumping into the helo in this situation isnt all too rare, ive done it before, so have most of my bf3 friends

  10. MINIg435:

    So chuck Norris and james bond had a kid…..

  11. Makridz:

    Chuck Norris 

  12. chtc88:

    james bond and clint eastwood created 3k of counts to favorite this video.

  13. agentcat10:

    James bond?

  14. PurpleReflexAim:

    Ahhhh the memories

  15. SupaSwagMe:

    What qame is that?! -.-

  16. eleman97:

    I fucking love The Rex!

  17. godzilla2878:

    LOL Thank you but I already found out. I bought the limited edtition just for the soundtrack.

  18. Anthon1996:

    Gusty Garden Galaxy

  19. Little Gonzo:

    Dude that was AWSOME!!!