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My rating for the pit? Well, I did okay-ish job on Bonetail (as I started in a very bad position), but I did a bad, very bad job in the actual pit. Oh well… Oh and don’t worry, I’m going to reduce these 30HP with Rip Cheato ;P

[youtube dgw1iqyfL7I]

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  1. truerubberlegs:

    how is it that you can superguard a breat attack but I can’t superguard a regular gumba

  2. Jean-Marie Valdez:

    lol goombella DONEFOR

  3. Jean-Marie Valdez:


  4. Rene Bermudez:

    thats right nether skawo90 or wayoshi

  5. Rene Bermudez:

    you see this is why i hate super garding way to easy ibet no one can do a run with out super garding

  6. imgoodatvideogames:

    u no everybody thinks bonetail is hard but hes not really its just getting down there and how he can heal himself cuz really ive beat him almost twice no cheats but the first 2 times i got down there i died so really iv gotten to bonetail 4 times ive won once but the other times short on healing items the last time i fought him he wouldve had 20 hp but tht gay heal movie so dont say u did an okayish job on him

  7. skawo90:

    No, sorry, I’m not 14

  8. juangodinez8:

    Skawo98 XD

  9. TheRiceCutter:

    You bastard!! Show the rest!!

  10. Nanna02009:


  11. gh0stassassin6:

    i believe so yes.

  12. 1800Hernandez:

    @skawo90 kind of it was a bit hard but i didn’t want to use a turn to tattle

  13. skawo90:

    And you divided each damage from the 200 to tell how much was left?

  14. 1800Hernandez:

    @skawo90 What I did was when I fought him I got his hp from the super Mario wiki and after I beat him I got his tattle log from franklys house

  15. skawo90:

    The purpose of tattling is to show enemy’s HP in battle.

  16. 1800Hernandez:

    You don’t need to tattle on him you can get his tattle log in franklys house after you fight him

  17. 199Cupcakes:

    so im a noob?

  18. GGgamer8989:

    I can beat the whole thing in 80 minutes without even using one of my life shrooms:)

  19. GGgamer8989:

    It’s so easy

  20. Angrykin:

    o nvm

  21. Angrykin:

    you have all those badges but not peekaboo?

  22. BennyKingJones:

    a nice vid but i would use my yoshi and charge bagde to do max damage,his lil 20 hp regan won’t stand a chance……………

  23. WebGhostify:

    lol i remember making a whole bunch of recipes and going down the pit of 100 trials just to have the game freeze on me