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— PLEASE READ THE VIDEO DESCRIPTION! — — Before you comment, make sure you read this or it will be deleted if the answer is here! — If you want to see something that the text is blocking, I have an alternate video. — www.youtube.com Yes, the video may be difficult to read, but before you ask anything, read this guide as well from Kylain and Prometheusx303. — www.gamefaqs.com Anyways, you don’t have to exactly follow the general procedure for leveling up items. I just copied and pasted that from the Disgaea 2 guide. Just as long as you level up the item 2-3 times per 10 floors, you should be fine with getting the item to level 150 before Reverse Pirating. If you want to go for more levels, be my guest (You should anyways, because getting level spheres while Reverse Pirating can be a pain). Be sure to grab as many level spheres as you go into your item! This can take a lot of resets. But it’s not like the harder way from Disgaea 2. The only thing you need to worry about is the right single stat specialists you need to have on your item AT ALL TIMES when leveling up the item. Single Stat Specialists: Dietician — Increases HP Mater — Increases SP Gladiator — Increases ATK Marksman — Increases HIT Sentry — Increases DEF Physician — Increases RES Coach — Increases SPD Reason I didn’t have a Fist Wielder or a Throw Team shown, is because I have done this a lot and my guys are nice and strong, so it’s faster this way. It’s not that difficult in my opinion, all it takes is

[youtube xtIifBBiA9E]

WalkThrough 100 floors

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  1. 宝くじ当選しました 当選金一億譲ります:


  2. 宝くじ当選しました 当選金一億譲ります:


  3. 宝くじ当選しました 当選金をお譲りします:


  4. mogechichioppai:

    What about disgaea 4? Now that the items reach lv 300

  5. manskdsheiejsjhseffh:


  6. mogechichioppai:

    @mail12345 if it gold and flashing is legendery it also has a gold crown and L

  7. mogechichioppai:

    @oko379 find misha(bandit girl) in mistery gates

  8. mogechichioppai:

    @huynhquoctuan361 baal sword is is only found in LoC ( land of carnage) check the wiki dude

  9. WinTheAran21:

    Why didn’t you combine the specialists in your item?

  10. huynhquoctuan361:

    🙁 how do u get Baal sword and what is LOC ?

  11. boxmonpsp101:

    once you have a legendary arcadia (this can be gotten only through bonuses and green chests in the land of carnage) then go through it too floor 99 exist out if not in Land of carnage and got to land of carnage and go the the 100th floor and steal it from the item god and then there you go and to have more just dupe it

  12. Griever Snow:

    every 10 floors of an item’s world you fight a boss. defeat the map, dont jump in the portal and you automatically get an exit.

  13. oko379:

    How do you get more Mr. Gency Exit?

  14. blackshados666:

    Get to floor 99 of a legendary Arcadia, Gency out, enter the LoC Item World and steal it from the Item God on floor 100.

  15. Cardcaptorsakuravids:

    i need a little answer to a little question:WHERE TO GET trapezohedron??????,i searched all the internet and i couldnt find it!

  16. gslimjim98:

    I’m having trouble trying to learn omega with wind mage. she has been reiuncarnated from fire to ice to star then to wind and i get every wind excpet omega. how do i learn omega wind?

  17. MikeyR0101:

    For any rank 40 item you NEED the legendary rank 39 equivalent. So for Baal Sword you need a legendary Yoshitsuna, Grand Madness you need a legendary Apocalypse, etc.