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The Smiths were an English rock band formed in Manchester in 1982. Based on the songwriting partnership of Morrissey (vocals) and Johnny Marr (guitar), the band also included Andy Rourke (bass) and Mike Joyce (drums). Critics have called them the most important alternative rock band to emerge from the British independent music scene of the 1980s, and the group has had a major influence on subsequent artists. Morrissey’s lovelorn tales of alienation found an audience amongst youth culture bored by the ubiquitous synthesizer-pop bands of the early 1980s, while Marr’s complex melodies helped return guitar-based music to popularity in Britain. The Queen Is Dead is the third studio album by the English rock band The Smiths. It was released on 16 June 1986 in the United Kingdom by Rough Trade Records. Sire Records released the album in the United States on 23 June 1986. The album reached number two on the UK charts, maintaining a chart residency for 22 weeks, and number 70 on the Billboard 200 and was certified Gold by the RIAA in late 1990, and it has sold consistently well ever since. The album is popularly regarded as The Smiths’ best album. With its unique blend of musical styles (including jangle pop, British Invasion, music hall, rockabilly and punk rock), it quickly became a British sensation and established The Smiths as one of the biggest bands of their era. Both Morrissey and Marr disagree, however, citing its 1987 successor (and unexpectedly final Smiths LP

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100 Gates

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  1. jadelina70:

    me encantan ¡¡

  2. Shelley Roberson:

    Frankly, no doubt shankly, fait fait fait faitul frank

  3. Tony Flores:

    give us money

  4. Ritsukaberry:

    This one of my favorite songs of theirs.

  5. MrCakepimp:

    [the problem] with ALL Smiths songs [is that…]

  6. Mel kath:

    Just got hired after a 7 month jobless streak. This song gave me the motivation to get out of that dead end and look for something better.

  7. thebeatleas04:

    the problem with this song is that it’s too short.

  8. steven fagan:

    Have to give my pal Jamie walker a mention he loved this song RIP big guy you are still in thoughts. JW

  9. Terry Eggett:

    Having done various jobs since leaving school ( none of which gave me any sense of achievement) I can identify with this record.

  10. natalie cooper:

    Best song, who cares If they were ‘ a new wave’ It’s Bloody good!

  11. downbytheriver6:

    actually it’s whatever you say.
    i think of the smiths as indie rock and it doesn’t impede me from listening to them and enjoying their music at all as much as you or whoever else.

  12. downbytheriver6:

    the use is that people like, no, need to argue over what genre it is or not.

  13. Joshua Kelsall:

    Why not? When a band has a unique sound, it creates a genre of its own and putting labels on it limits what it can be and also limits the expectations of the listener. I find I can enjoy things far more without confining it to certain labels. Besides, what is the use of putting something in a genre if people can’t agree on the genre, because it is all subjective?