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(Watch in HD) — Persona 3 Portable English Walkthrough Part 6 — This Walkthrough includes all S.Links, Boss Battles including Theodore and Vision Quest, creation of Orpheus Telos and 100% Persona Compendium, pretty much the same things I did in the Japanese Version. The only difference this time is the difficulty. So I wanna see how insanely the vision quest bosses are, specially hanged man and Margaret I’m going to record everything (social links, prays at shrine, activities at night, etc ) but I’m not going to record all the Floors of Tartarus, is boring watch a video fighting the same enemies over and over again. -Female MC-Story -First Playthrough in English -Maniac Difficulty Enjoy

[youtube LNHAvS1BNc0]

Video Rating: 5 / 5

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комментария 23

  1. MoonDisast:

    …Vamp loafers?

  2. Rhea Tan:

    do we really need to choose theo on this version cause since im just new on playing p3p i accidentally choose elizabeth what’s the difference if i choose theo over elizabeth please answer i’m really a novice in playing this game and i want to be sure on all the scenes with each people on the story since it seems like i’m also watching a movie at the same time

  3. iNerdx360:

    No* SPOILER *
    hes going to tell you he has feelings for you but he needs to continue he work

  4. Matthew Williams:

    Question here!
    Can we end up with Theo?

  5. wil bates:

    are u going to continue this?

  6. MechaShadowV2:

    Actually there is, and they’ve been around for a while, they just don’t work very well.

  7. silentninja102:

    «I’m Theo» Me: «Hi Theo»

  8. nicksterbest95:

    What do you use to record.

  9. RyukLightKira:

    I jizzed as soon as i hear the background music in Velvet Room 🙂 Elfenlied <3

  10. kagato0987:

    @eclipseX49 Haha it’s so true «allow me to assist you =3 😉 😉 » he says!

  11. ristilovesart:

    Is there a reason why Igor’s finger is unnaturally bendy?

  12. nejihyuga200114:


  13. MargueriteProduction:

    How are you Recoding it?

  14. DrawingsOfNamine:

    ME TOO! xDDD!!

  15. laniana9425:

    When Theo showed up I squealed a little from absolute joy that you didn’t pick Elizabeth. Her english voice scares the shit outta me!

  16. gameplaypark:

    So they recorded both Theodore and Elizabeth for this game……. I wonder what would happen at the 5th date with elizabeth and you are a girl… hmmmmm

  17. aninene:

    Oh wow! So this time around you have to pay the clock to fully recover HP & SP when you go back to the entrance? Sort of different from PS2 version.

  18. kamwii:

    a working one at least

  19. DropletOfSour:

    Not so! Recently, there’s been a Java based PSP emulator floating around. It got an update today, actually!

  20. OtakuAudioRedux:


  21. SuttaBro:

    Ewww…Theo’s voice in the US version is so unsexy. D;

  22. UmOhCrap:

    if you had said «i think its a woman» would you have whats-her-face instead? clearly i cant remember her name…

  23. Sakkiuh:

    Theodore is the replacement for Elizabeth. If you choose the boy story, you get Elizabeth.