Persona 3 Portable — 100% Walkthrough — Part 10 — 5th, 10th & 14th Floor BOSSES

(Watch in HD) — P3P BOSS- Venus Eagles, Dancing Hands & Rampage Drive This Walkthrough includes all S.Links, Boss Battles including Theodore and Vision Quest, creation of Orpheus Telos and 100% Persona Compendium, pretty much the same things I did in the Japanese Version. The only difference this time is the difficulty. So I wanna see how insanely the vision quest bosses are, specially hanged man and Margaret I’m going to record everything (social links, prays at shrine, activities at night, etc ) but I’m not going to record all the Floors of Tartarus, is boring watch a video fighting the same enemies over and over again. -Female MC-Story -First Playthrough in English -Maniac Difficulty Enjoy

[youtube Trwl4LEeDlc]

WalkThrough 100 floors

Video Rating: 5 / 5

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  1. h0neybe4r:

    Persona 3 portable went I like persona 3 good! …

  2. MiiNameIsJohn:

    How did you get to level 8 so quickly?

  3. Bryan Colthearts:

    the labyrinths layout changes everyday….if you listened to Mitsuru you should have known

  4. Mav Vas:

    some of the guys did not read the video description.

  5. rapuzelXXtombraider:

    When did you fuse Jack Frost? You didn’t record that!

  6. SilverTail13:

    Am I the only one that notesed the end of the last walkthrough Yoou were left with the option to go forward left or right and the start off this one your in a compleatly diffrent spot?

  7. 21forbeingCoOl:

    great,i don’t have psp.So,i play persona 3 in ps2

  8. Lou Nguyen:

    how did you know the weakness?

  9. Redandelion:

    So u defeat all the three flour boss in one night???

  10. berkant2341:

    So this is the maniac mode what maniac programed this it’s easy as easy mode.

  11. rcbandit56:

    I know this video has been up for over a year, but I wish more videos of this nature used the same annotation style you did for the bosses. A quick rundown of their stats, and maybe a line or two about a basic strategy.

  12. toshio1334:

    JACK FROST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀

  13. Kevin Coleman:

    thanks for make this video

  14. Kevin Coleman:

    are you a boy or a girl in real life?

  15. hunterkono824:

    thanks for not recording all the Floors of Tartarus and your right. its hard to watch as someone continue to fight the same enemies over and over

  16. Nancy82082:

    yeah but we dont know wat happen when u were not recording

  17. bleuroo:

    You know, I really like the concept of being able to play a male or female MC in this game, and the female MC’s weapon is cool and I like her red eyes, but all that pink is just so … so … pink .. that I can’t imagine being able to last through a whole game of it without destroying my eyesight.

  18. HolyOmega:

    first time i’ve ever seen a STR based magician ==»