«I’m Leavin'» performed by Elvis Presley Written by Michael Jarrett & Sonny Charles Elvis recorded the contemporary «I’m Leavin'» on May 20, 1971 at Studio B in Nashville. Released as a single in August 1971 with «Heart Of Rome» as Side B, the song only reached a surprising #36 on the Hot 100 chart on August 14, 1971 and remained on the chart for 9 weeks (it peaked at #23 in the UK). The unusual melodic construction comprised of Elvis’ haunting, plaintive vocals, Alabama native Sherrill Nielsen’s high falsetto and The Imperials’ perfect harmonies, accented by Alabama native David Briggs’ dramatic piano made this contemporary piece far ahead of its time for 1971. After a few rough run-throughs during the recording session, Elvis declared, «Phew! Man, this is tough, but it’s worth working on.» His confidence was soon echoed in The Imperials’ and Briggs’ excitement, who declared that it was certain to be another hit. They all poured themselves into the song heart and soul, and produced a seamlessly beautiful melody that stands even today as a timeless piece. Perhaps Elvis fans did not quite know what to make of it at the time, contrasted among his blistering rock numbers and country ballads. Elvis and his camp remained very hopeful the song would become a hit, but sadly, it was performed only a very few times beyond 1972. «I’m Leavin'» is no doubt one of Elvis’ most underrated songs, and should have been a hit. I believe it would do very well if it were re-released as a

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