Minecraft Survival — AMAZING ENCHANTMENT ROOM! (S2E40)

Hey! Decided to take a chapter from our old quarry door and redesign it a bit. The last part of the recording I forgot to record audio so I had to come up with something else to do! Hope you enjoy Jevinators! Miss an episode of survival? Check out this link and subscribe to the show! ➜ www.youtube.com World Download: ➜ tinyurl.com (E40) Seed: ➜ 578396671 ———————————————————————————- Click here to be a Jevinator! ➜ tinyurl.com Click here to get iJevin T-Shirts! ➜ tinyurl.com Check me out on Twitter! ➜ tinyurl.com Check me out on Facebook! ➜ tinyurl.com Send me Mail! ➜ Jevin P. ➜ PO Box 20442 ➜ Dayton, Ohio 45420 Need a Minecraft server? ➜ tinyurl.com PIN ME TO YOUR HOMEPAGE TO GET ALL MY VIDEOS WHEN THEY COME OUT! ———————————————————————————— Music Information Music For Intro! ➜ tinyurl.com Music For Outro! ➜ tinyurl.com Background Music! ➜ tinyurl.com The music comes from the in-game Minecraft soundtrack. If you would like to listen without having Minecraft playing, you can download it here: c418.bandcamp.com ———————————————————————————— -IGNORE THESE- How to play Minecraft How to mod Minecraft How to get on Machinima How to craft How to find diamonds TAGS: minecrafts minecrafting minecraft server free minecrafter for texture packs skins modding build machinima maps crafting seed seeds download

[youtube Z3Uz12aIQQ4]

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  1. 99donovanj:

    Yes they do. They just don’t reply

  2. EXiiLEDFOX:

    There is a much simpler way to make that piston door

  3. Thamer Alsilime:


  4. LoLRenekton:

    but do they listen to their subs? noooooo

  5. xGearZ44:

    Jevin I did the same door mechanism you did but when mine closes it gets messed up

  6. bosnianvip215:

    Where’s the link to his enchantment room tutorial…?

  7. Leon Checkland:

    yogscast and they have 2.5 million subs

  8. Stian Øvrebø:

    creeper at 5:18

  9. Dylan Credaroli:


  10. Dextication:

    Antvenom. JK HA imma joker 🙂



  12. pl0x1337PwnEpix:

    He’s not my FAVORITE commenter. That would be the Derpy Lucahjin.

  13. Vladhimir Josef Korkov:

    How about you don’t be an asshole and let the guy thank Jevin for being a good commentator. Fucking fanboys always having to list their favorite commentator when it’s not needed. This goes for all the people in this comment train.

  14. EpicSpiderWizard:


  15. EpicSpiderWizard:

    skydoesminecraft, cavemanfilms, and antvenom

  16. Alex Miller:

    It’s hard to do that though because it takes him hours