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Let’s Play Mega Man X6 This is an entire walkthrough of Mega Man X6 played with X. I obtain every Reploid and Item in this playthrough. I’m playing the Megaman X Collection for Playstation 2 so there are no save states or any crap like that. It is originally a Playstation 1 game and is being emulated on PS2 so the graphics can be a little…. dodgy….. at times….. ie not appearing at all….. The Mega Man X Series is one of my favorite series of all time and I have played it a lot (the Super Nintendo games in particular). That being said, I still tend to fail quite a bit while playing them so enjoy some really epic fails in them. Stalk me here! Twitter: twitter.com Facebook: www.facebook.com Live Stream: www.twitch.tv

[youtube R3LboY-H0J4]

Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. Alan Maciel:

    4 Hours? Men, I can finish this game on Extreme mode in 2 hours..

  2. André Luiz Agra:

    Hey Ramza,i challenge you to play Slender!

  3. André Luiz Agra:

    Ground scaravich looks like a mouse,at the least his face….

  4. thewitttt:


  5. Shadster16:

    isn’t that from x5? not x6.

  6. Shadster16:

    I can’t believe that I sat through your x5,x6, and x8 walkthroughs in a single sitting without going to the bathroom or getting water.

  7. SephirtothGotham011:

    The Z shord? no. The Z- Sabre, yes.

  8. satuwingates:

    In the background at 3:18:30… it looks like Transformers G1 Megatron’s head.

  9. DBoy2029:

    The funny thing is… in X’s ending of X5, it was «Three Years Later». Opening of X6 is «Three Weeks Later». Capcom forgot what they wrote!  XD

  10. IIIChtiBiscuiTIII:

    ★ Megaman X6 Hacked FLY / UFO + Ending PS1 ★

  11. Mike21Millz:

    Megaman X6 hard to beat?? Nooooo. Hardest to 100%? Possibly lol

  12. Zevos1:

    i much like megaman x4-6 than x7-8, x4-6 is more challange for me than x7-8

  13. Lickthecloth:

    Nightmare Zero is weak to the Z saber bro.

  14. Jedin Starke:

    You know what pisses me off about bad grammar? When commentators bitch about it every 2 seconds instead of moving on.

  15. FromBeyondTheGrave1:

    Final Fantasy VII, one of Cloud’s Limit Breaks is Meteor Rain.

  16. CO O:

    Could u use the Z shord to kill the bosses?

  17. HarbingersSchyte:

    the name is spelled isaac not issac

  18. hung5074:

    This part is the most difficult game in the megaman X series in ps1, pal! I gotta say, it’s so damn hard that even i went mad!

  19. Flavio Vargas:

    if the bosses were like X5, like first and second time with a gigantic life bar, this game would be a lot better

  20. GIANTRA:

    ganee meen bey bye

  21. TheShadowmaster108:

    Finally someone else who enjoys X6. People say this game is bad but i like it almost as much as X5 (with no Ultimate Armor). I will agree that the level desigh does suck and the story is very wonky but its still a fun game. P.S good job by the way!