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[youtube 8zgg8Ny7Ulw]

WalkThrough 100 Cells

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комментария 24

  1. 92HockeyLife:

    Wow!! I just got free fifa coins by going to this website!! It actually works unlike those other BS sites!! Check it out!!

  2. ben potter: works:D:D

  3. fut13EA:

    hey 🙂

    By searching around the internet I’ve found a safe method as I can double your coins. I need your EA account data and your security question with response (send ALL THIS PLEASE or add me in facebook Daniel Neustädter )

    Why am I doing this whole thing is because I know how difficult it is to get good players

    Greet your love daniel 🙂

  4. yeppumm1192:

    in this amount of time i can just play a game

  5. Lion2705:

    U sound like a weirdo

  6. diarmuidcostello2:

    Is dis ray houton

  7. thtswatshesaid101:

    its a good way but it takes too long

  8. BHLiRab1888:

    It looks likely that we cannot do this method in Fifa13. Not sure what happens after you delete your club the 5times it lets us and the fact we have to take part in a tutorial with every new club we create kinda screws it up

  9. Geeoorggee:

    how can you make this work on fifa 13?

  10. mvvf:

    Can you get banned for this?

  11. BearzGraphics895:

    thanks works for xbox as well as ps3

  12. BHLiRab1888:

    no, you can continuosly do it with the same account as you dont need a trial or xbox gold membership on your dummy account to do it

  13. whowitt97:

    so you can only do this a week at a time and then you have to make another silver account so that you can have another free online trial?

  14. Harley Cottingham:

    Takes a long time as I can’t get the FUT 11 web app

  15. KieranGr0izard7:

    fucking great video

  16. BAT MAN:

    I did this for a week straight and got over 100,000
    Instead of discarding them I sold each player for 200 points
    Average about 10 players sold per squad x 200=2000
    + few discarded players
    Did this about 10 x a day
    2000 x 10 = 20,000
    Each week
    20,000 x 7 = 140,000
    Very good system.

  17. Kubinho85:

    it help alot m8 god job

  18. BHLiRab1888:

    yeah m8

  19. J4Y86:

    In the time it took u to do that u could have played a game like u said gives u 400 coins same as what u got waste of time and contracts


    Er, yeah,… but this way you don’t loose player contracts like you would in a match(coins saved) and also it takes roughly 15-20 mins to get those coins in a match, where this method 3-4 mins max,… use a laptop with EA web app & log in as your primary account & keep recieving gold every couple minutes. 2million, and still stacking!!!

  21. iEvilDefuze:

    nothing you sent it to a scammer who steals your player u aint getting nothing

  22. mrmarkohere:

    oh right haha, thanks for you help

  23. ItalianGuy1998:

    If they don’t have your account information then they can’t do anything so you’re safe

  24. mrmarkohere:

    What if i just sent them a message saying i lost 80k can i have it back?, what can t hey do then?