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(Watch in HD) — Persona 3 Portable English Walkthrough Part 3 — This Walkthrough includes all S.Links, Boss Battles including Theodore and Vision Quest, creation of Orpheus Telos and 100% Persona Compendium, pretty much the same things I did in the Japanese Version. The only difference this time is the difficulty. So I wanna see how insanely the vision quest bosses are, specially hanged man and Margaret I’m going to record everything (social links, prays at shrine, activities at night, etc ) but I’m not going to record all the Floors of Tartarus, is boring watch a video fighting the same enemies over and over again. -Female MC-Story -First Playthrough in English -Maniac Difficulty Enjoy

[youtube tLtimIMm9zU]

WalkThrough 100 floors

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комментария 24

  1. megamonstudios:

    I am so insane I am watching this walkthrough wile watching persona 4 and playing Persona 3 fes all at the same time

  2. K1NGL1NK711:

    PSN for $20.

  3. cutekatara:

    Oh god Igor you look scarier here then in the playstation.

  4. ixatexurxcookies:

    Does anyone know how to download persona 3 portable?!

  5. Jeffrey Gao:

    Why is Akihiko the only guy in the dorm? o-0
    (Because the MMC is non-existent.)

  6. Amy Brooks:

    Karaoke actually didn’t come from Japan. I read this somewhere.

  7. tunedude19:

    he looks like a pedophile

  8. silentninja102:

    ha, the thing about sleeping in class, i would’ve said yes since i actually got away with sleeping in the front row once. Anyway thanks for posting this I don’t have any plastation systems to play this on.

  9. Kevin Martin:

    it’s a good thing, that ikusuki died.. if not, maybe i could die because of his joke

  10. troy1002x:

    Why is the velvet room NOT velvet?

  11. kolbysmith5239:

    Say it all together children!Your Futile existence has no meeeeaaannniiinnnggg.lol

  12. sakura01828:

    that nose is still creepy DX

  13. drstein4life:

    Where’s Elizabeth?

  14. jinkazamalovnat:

    its a japanese word karaoke came from japan

  15. toshio1334:

    Ikutsuki: You must be tired from all that excitement you should rest 😉
    Plus not to mention him spying on her….this is even creepier than playing as a guy

  16. animegamesbiggestfan:

    easy reality school dont have cool funky music, while school in game you could study while hearin music

  17. 2vmt:

    Wait. So there’s a hidden camera in their rooms!?

  18. davidsparten666:


  19. lerasai:

    Why does Ikustuki talk SO WEIRD?! He inflects in all the wrong places or something. D8

  20. archingbowman:

    Mr. Ekoda is a stereotype.

  21. Seryth91:

    wy doeschool always seem so much fun in games then in reality? -_-

  22. chaosdragon49:

    If anyone has any information on this game’s release date pleeeeeaasse tell me

  23. wweworldwrestling:

    I can already see that the girl character choice Is so much… more girly and lively haha. Good job so far, nice quality too.

  24. maxflex852:

    imported it works fine