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Yup I got LUCKY! If the plane had only clipped a wing or something its all but a certainty that I would have lost the plane into the canyon. Hmmm. Well this is pretty much the best way to gain experience, by the ‘phew that was a close one’ type moment. The place I few was really remote. Its one of those strange things at the grand canyon, it crawls with people, but you only have to go maybe 100 meters off the path, and you have the place entirely to yourself. Sunday 19th July 2009-07-19 Up before sunrise, picked up a V. expensive mcdonalds breakfast just short of the park (6.50 bux for a breakfast meal) I was in a hurry. Shocked when found the gates manned before 6am. However apparently the national parks are free for the weekend this summer as a part of the stimulus package, although the guy on the gate said it had made precious little difference to the number of guests they had seen. The first stop was the visitors center, PACKED. V. windy, didnt even go in. Headed on down the canyon to what seemed a quiet place. Got out on a little peninsula, some very exposed moments. Went back and got laptop for a timelapse. Spent a couple of hours just enjoying the scenery and reading good bits from the bible. Over this time the wind dropped to the point where I could fly the plane. Went exploring along the canyon rim and found a place that looked pretty good. Long way from anyone, and view looked good. Went back, got the plane and packed up the timelapse. Spent a long time trying

[youtube 3trvofbIGlI]

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  1. themaxx69:

    Holy shit! I thought he was paragliding or something.

  2. rexasul:


  3. Grégoire Pfennig:

    Longest description EVER!! Love the video!

  4. mw234145:

    ohh its a toy plane but still lucky

  5. tarioliveroshjg:

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  6. ArtificialSleep:

    See? You read the bible, and shortly after you get rewarded with miracles like these. Undeniable proof!!

  7. tinishawalckbvh:

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  8. jeepers2655:

    Fell for it,thought it was a hang glider,and kept thinking why is he just flying in one area?….go way out there……keep going,…what he`s gonna try to land on that?…..Good job…….how did you shrink down to get in the plane.LOL

  9. MrJamesonStyles:

    I’d almost say that landing was… a miracle!

  10. Febin27:

    nice landing….one thing you could do is turn off the power at a high altitude….then descend at a certain speed…(not too fast or slow) after that. ….when the plane is underneath the cliff….bring it up which will gradually slow down as it climbs…then you be able to land at a slower speed…or even catch it…lol..

    just my advice on knowledge….im not an expert or anything….anyway…glad that plane is in good shape…

  11. ivylsp:

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  12. QUIX4U:

    Playlisted this — across as many of my existing playlists as possible — & … hust 4U … I created a new one … entitled:- K_RAY_Z people do K_RAY_Z things (from GR8_Heights)

  13. QUIX4U:

    And yes- even though I am siting here- 1/2 a world away from that drop_off- It’s taking all the cringingness (down my spine) to even re-look at this- as U so woefully wander around atop those «slowly crumbling rocks»- BUT ? A toy plane it MUST BE- as ? at 57 secs U did say- U didn’t fancy TRYING to «catch_it» on a landing attempt.? So- the TREE ? — That must have been hit- HIGH UP (by a motorised mini-toy-plane)- AND THEN U CLIMBED THAT TREE- just to get IT ? No wonder some people fall of that ?

  14. QUIX4U:

    It never ceases to amaze me — even as it is … from all the way down here — near the very bottom of NZ — under the 45th «SOUTH» parralel … — just LOOKING at U wandering around on those OLD crumbly weathered rocks .. makes me CRINGE inside .. forget the tree «crash_landing» & what appears to be a toy plane .. just one extra gram on a fauly old ROCK .. would have you phyiscally tumblimg all the way down (plane or no plane)

  15. 09azzman:

    awesome scenery 

  16. Partok81:

    Hmm, am I missing something? Why couldn’t he land in the desert where he parked his car?  Why did he feel he had to land on that finger of land? Odd.

  17. tested2comply:

    wow you are definitely lucky, that was one steep cliff… great vid!! do you by any chance know the name of the song in your vid? it was a fantastic song that went great with the images of your video, great job!!