Yup I got LUCKY! If the plane had only clipped a wing or something its all but a certainty that I would have lost the plane into the canyon. Hmmm. Well this is pretty much the best way to gain experience, by the ‘phew that was a close one’ type moment. The place I few was really remote. Its one of those strange things at the grand canyon, it crawls with people, but you only have to go maybe 100 meters off the path, and you have the place entirely to yourself. Sunday 19th July 2009-07-19 Up before sunrise, picked up a V. expensive mcdonalds breakfast just short of the park (6.50 bux for a breakfast meal) I was in a hurry. Shocked when found the gates manned before 6am. However apparently the national parks are free for the weekend this summer as a part of the stimulus package, although the guy on the gate said it had made precious little difference to the number of guests they had seen. The first stop was the visitors center, PACKED. V. windy, didnt even go in. Headed on down the canyon to what seemed a quiet place. Got out on a little peninsula, some very exposed moments. Went back and got laptop for a timelapse. Spent a couple of hours just enjoying the scenery and reading good bits from the bible. Over this time the wind dropped to the point where I could fly the plane. Went exploring along the canyon rim and found a place that looked pretty good. Long way from anyone, and view looked good. Went back, got the plane and packed up the timelapse. Spent a long time trying

[youtube 3trvofbIGlI]

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