Awesome Ninja Warrior Bedroom

My American Ninja Warrior run: Awesome Ninja Warrior Bedroom Part 2: Newest parkour and freerunning video: Just a little footage of how I turned my room into a Ninja Warrior training ground. I’m making sure I get on the show next season and take a trip to japan. (More info below) Everything that I put up is screwed into the wooden studs behind the drywall using a studfinder. The rock holds are screw on holds, made for this purpose. Eye hooks were screwed into the roof studs to hang ropes and the unstable bridge from. The stud finder tool was my best friend for many days. The rock holds were purchased online from Atomik Climbing and Three Ball Climbing. The majority of the holds were from a 100 pack of screw-on holds for 9. They are very sturdy and said to be unbreakable. It was all filmed using a GoPro HD Hero 960 video camera. It is waterproof, unbreakable, and has a bubble or fisheye lens which is great for tight spaces. It comes with many attachments including a headstrap for first person views. This is how i filmed the one segment on the salmon ladder and unstable bridge. Thanks for watching!

[youtube HFnjyrQuA7s]

100 Rooms

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  1. MinecraftersJC:

    Lord I wish I was able to do that

  2. Raduuc99:

    awesome man! i want a bedroom like that! this is insane!!! + i always wanted to be a ninja :))

  3. TheEssentialVids:


  4. kmax1189:

    dude… so jealous!

  5. sterfri99:

    for Mike, every day is upper body day

  6. IDntUndrstand:

    Even if you were his size you wouldn’t be able to do any of that shit, I’m an avid climber and that would still be difficult.

  7. Quoc Manh:

    you have a lot of fun in your bedroom ha ha

  8. DestinyofKenobi:

    You must have A LOT of upper body strength.

  9. Zachariah2255:

    I’d just take the death in lava better than making a fool of myself

  10. Gin Kim:

    Something tells me you were a nightmare to parent.

  11. aHigherPlace7:

    Playing the ground is lava game in this room would be so intense..

  12. Dequalify:

    the floor is lava

  13. jcotteri:

    Great strength. Role model!

  14. lockdownaustin:

    you going to fuck up your walls

  15. Edie Bacic:

    not very impressive considering your feather weight status and low height.

  16. bloodriotiori:

    Can i come sleep over?!?!

  17. NoJokesOK:

    guess there is lava on the floor haha 😀

  18. SpiriTruthWorship:

    I would love to have a room like that