My Favorite Game of All Time! — Silent Hill 2 — My favorite game is Silent Hill 2. In all my twenty something years of gaming I’ve never played a game quite like this one. Very happy that it has be re-released in HD and I can actually enjoy it again. SH2 is not a normal game by any stretch. As a matter of fact it’s an outlier even in it’s own franchise. What makes this game so good is that it’s truly a playing experience more than just a game, it’s kind of live and interactive movie. Everything about the game is designed to put the player on edge. The rooms are oddly shaped, noises painful, perception hampered, even the monsters aren’t just random. They are all dark archetypes of the human psyche or more accurately different repressed feelings that the main character has. What I probably enjoyed most about this game was the ending. Never before has a game ending explained a game so well. So well as a matter of fact that I bought it 100% and would venture to say SH2 is fairly realistic game. Also, playing through a second time after knowing the ending was an entirely different game.

[youtube Jyu-OfojTS0]

Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. funkygrunty:


  2. funkygrunty:

    Intact stupid spell check doing this on an iPad

  3. funkygrunty:

    Finally someone who has good taste in games lol sh2 is the best infant I’m playing it right now

  4. pyramidhead0420:

    best game of all time…best baddie ever….pyramidhead

  5. Zachary Zhang:

    I love getting top comments :3 <3

  6. Stephen Meharg:

    Yeah they made a 2 Silent Hill movies, but not a Silent Hill 2 movie.

  7. rossistanks:

    Just got this again for the ps3. But I got the ps2 directors edition. What a game. Got the chainsaw so off to do it again 🙂

  8. skeletongaming82:

    i cant wait for the knew one coming out this month!

  9. Wamboo101:

    Drift0r your dog looks like the dog from the «dog» ending of silent hill 2 😀

  10. jorjor500:

    sounds like spec ops the line

  11. Sebastián Fereira:

    that’s what James tell himself, but it actually might be very open to debate.

  12. samurixd1:

    they did make a movie

  13. samurixd1:

    i would love to see driftor play more of this

  14. samurixd1:

    hes right it was int my generation game but its what grew up with and it tow is my favorite games

  15. samurixd1:

    i appropriate the throw back 

  16. mezmorizer365:

    the graphics aren’t actually that bad