Правильно Super Mario Galaxy

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[youtube umor_RMGqFw]

Super Mario Galaxy

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комментария 23

  1. TheChiefx24:

    so can someone tell me what Egoraptor had to do with this video at all?

  2. Michael Braegger:

    Is MY profile pic cute?

  3. Kweku Ansah:

    Sooooo… Vivian is like a more confusing Birdo?

  4. SuperAnimefan11:

    Your profile pic is SOOOOOOOOOOOOO CUTE!

  5. Sajin Komamura:

    Vivian is a male, Trying to look like a girl, Just like…Birdo…*Shiver*

  6. DragonishChaosArt:

    The fact that Vivian is always referred as a girl in the English version of TTYD, yet she’s (he’s?) portrayed as a guy looking like a girl in both Spanish and Japanese versions of the game creeps the hell out of me.

    I’m spanish BTW 😀

  7. loveangelbliss:

    is one of the best paper mario characters

  8. Richard Warner:

    The mysterious figures in SMG2 could be the ghost from Luigi’s Mansion Dark Moon.

  9. Dan Brown:

    Soul Blazer series DYK!

  10. JSWUDNN:

    idk maybe hell valley was just the name the developers gave the shiverburn level in the coding

  11. NubTactics:

    2:35 not to mention you got 50 points each time you did so. =]

  12. colten fullerton:

    does anyone think the shadow on the left looks like link

  13. gb4370:

    those dark figures might be those people with no gender. they look abit like it

  14. Flandre Scarlet:

    I love how Ego slips seamlessly into his Game Grumps voice at the end. <3

  15. xxJANGO296xx:

    I hate how everything is sincered cuz of all those types of parents that hate people who drink pop and watch rated pg 13 movies. And the annoying groups such as PETA, and men haters

  16. xxJANGO296xx:

    That’s what the toads get for not trying to save peach

  17. PIE50100:

    «You massacre hundreds of innocent toads»
    Their toads so no one gives a shit

  18. TheComputerNerd6622:

    At the beginning of the level with the mysterious figures, I remember somebody saying «there are kind-hearted people watching over you, here.».

  19. MrGamemaster24:

    the hell vally sky tree figures remind me of the figure in the world 4 ghost house

  20. letmeshowumypkmn:

    ghost can get plastic surgery? O_O

  21. DarkMatiYoshi:

    Spoiler everywhere -w-

  22. JrIcify:

    Rub two brain cells together and you can get the previous one.

  23. AwesomeGirl86:

    Thanks for the reply! 🙂

    It was just some food for thought and I thought it might be a clue or something but like I said, it was just a theory. I didn’t say it was the actually answer. 🙂