Part Four of the epic tennis between CrazyD9421, MegaADX and I. Check out their channels: CrazyD9421: MegaADX: All parts (so far): Part One: Part Two: Part Three: Music Used: Zelda: Skyward Sword Music — Groose’s Theme Super Smash Bros Melee — Corneria Syrsa — Terra — Orbit Luigi’s Mansion Music — Menu Screen Kid Icarus Uprising Music — Lord of the Underworld Zelda- The Wind Waker Music — Battle Super Mario Galaxy 2 Music — Toad Brigade Super Mario Galaxy Music — Power Star Get! Super Mario 3D Land Music — Final Boss ————————————ALSO————————————————- Flyper (the sniper character) belongs to Scoutellite/Dutvutan. Might take a short break from Gmod. Don’t worry.

[youtube 3FYJarxFH9Q]

Video Rating: 4 / 5