Big Brother Diary Room: Google+, Tumblr, FB, Twitter & Myspace

Social Networks Networking Together. Sorry about the audio.. «incoming mic» volume was at 100% so when I recorded, it fuzzed up. Please do what you wanna. And by that i mean, share, like, favourite, thumbs up, eat it, dance with it, do the hokey pokey and turn around cos that’s what it’s all about. ===== Get Your JP7 TEE!! from Redbubble: Travel Blogger FB FANPAGE: New Campaign Website: MC http My Monthly Catch Video Applicaton: ===== And here are the other social sites you can find me on: GOOGLE+: FACEBOOK FANPAGE: TWITTER: TUMBLR: DAILYBOOTH: «Peppy Pepe», Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons «Attribution 3.0» =====

[youtube 5iuDlIirJaQ]

100 Rooms

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комментариев 15

  1. amasayspfft:

    argh i mean 1:53 lol

  2. amasayspfft:

    1:54 new tweet! LOL

  3. oOSugarHolicOo:

    Johnee: «I’m myspace.»
    Interviewer: «I’m sorry, who?»
    Ahahaa. So true(x

  4. jon8994a:

    That was BRILLIANT!! You were spot on with each persona. Very clever Mr Johnee. =]

  5. Amy Midori:

    :O didnt show iny box!! You tweet so cute xD

  6. typicaljeremy:

    What an awesome idea! 🙂 Loved it! Tweet Tweet…LOL 🙂

  7. Wiiinfinity:


  8. hubby2466:

    omg twitter

  9. Jasper Twee:

    too cute! (:

  10. mraffye15:

    I like the Myspace Shirt…
    Twit twit twit twit twit….
    Why don’t u put a pair of wing Johnee?hehehe…’s was AWESOME!

  11. Beckophilia:

    haha this was awesome xD

  12. microwavejunkie:

    «I’m worse than porn!»

  13. kolokostor:

    I fucking love the Tumblr character….

  14. DaniandJeff11:

    Why isn’t «Youtube» a part of this? It’s a networking site too. Just curious.

  15. mikey79097:

    @johneepixels7 and @cinticat I happen to love your «myspace» shirt! I know you got it a while ago but any chance I’d be able to get one like it?