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The first DLC/expansion to Frictional Games’ Amnesia: The Dark Descent, this one-shot storyline is available to Steam users who have purchased the original game. This is a 100% Completion Walkthrough, and fairly relaxed (as much as an Amnesia play-through can be). The goal is to save all three men, gather all nine notes and find the two informative landmarks. Yes, there are nine notes, I mention later in the videos that there are eight, but I was mistaken. GTX 295 Co-op Edition, 8GB RAM, Intel i5 750. Thank you very much for watching this, it is my first LP/walkthrough. Comments are welcomed. and I hope to make more videos in the future. UPDATE: www.escapistmagazine.com Amnesia: Justine is now available to all owners of the game, regardless of Steam purchase or not.

[youtube 6TarR8vFiJ0]

WalkThrough 100 floors

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  1. seizetoday22:

    I’ve been dying to know how this game really was. I was watching TheRadBrad do a blind playthrough of it and he rage quit because the game just stopped working and he didn’t save the guy in the cell because he didn’t know what he was doing, haha. I looove him, don’t get me wrong, he’s hilarious. But I was super curious. Loving this so far from you!

  2. darknintendoman:

    The monster that came by in the first video roams the earlier corridors. So if you missed the ladder piece, you can go back for it, but you’ll have to use extra stealth, because that thing will not stop searching for you in those corridors.

  3. TheDharokKing:


  4. kankuropuppet10:

    «You whore!» Lol

  5. Miqairah Macalino:

    I mean *calm

  6. Miqairah Macalino:

    Thumbs up for being Xalm! 🙂

  7. mrsaari:

    HOW CAN YOU BE SO CALM???? I never ever move in this game until the monster music stops. And I never ever dare to even peek if it’s gone. I guess I’m kind of a coward. 😀 Still, most people are not as calm as you when playing this game!

  8. ziegfried2206:

    i love your voice! great videos!

  9. ziegfried2206:

    marry me?

  10. owlandsiren:

    An incorrect assumption, I’m afraid. I simply misread the word in my haste to get to the rest of the game. Thank you for your observation, though!

  11. Queenofdragons6:

    I’m going to assume that you had never heard the word «physiological» before as you pronounced it as «psychological» instead.

  12. MATIJA Croatia:

    i like it

  13. sandor139:

    @owlandsiren, why you read to us all letters? There would be better to hold for 5 sec. letter recording the walkthrough; then close it.

  14. m3v0t:

    oh nvm i am not the first writing this here :>

  15. m3v0t:

    omg ! why so complex build to the ladder ?! u can just stack 2 barrels and i t will work 😀

  16. bamamack5:

    Can someone hand me a rag so I can wipe that red spot on the like bar

  17. Ceag840:

    This Justine chick sounds like one messed up woman. Most girls don’t gauge their boyfriend’s eyes out on the first date. Or tie them to a torture device.

  18. DarkFottloch:

    interesting how SAVING the first prisoners actually means just NOT killing him… I wouldnt feel saved in that situation if i were him Oo

  19. Makinnoz13:

    at 1:42 is the monster after you in that tunnel?