PLEASE TURN ON VIDEO ANNOTATIONS! Many things in this walkthrough are explained in notes on the video and also in the description below. Please read these before asking questions. Part 1 of 14 of my Super Metroid 100% walkthrough. Played in real time on Snes9x v1.43 rerecording with rerecords used to optimize video length. Area Covered & Items Acquired • Prologue, Ceres Station • Crateria: Morphing Ball, Bombs, Missile x1 [00:09] Recommended controller setting Shot: Y, Jump: B, Dash: X, Item Select: A, Item Cancel: Select, Angle Up: L, Angle Down: R I really don’t recommend using the default button mapping. Having item select on one of the face buttons is much easier to use and swapping angle up/angle down is more consistent with the GBA Metroid games. [03:01] Wall jumping To perform a wall jump, spin jump at a wall, push the opposite direction once you’ve touched it, then push the jump button immediately after. Don’t try to push off the wall and jump at the same time; jump must be pressed second. You’ll see me wall jumping a lot in this walkthrough because it’s extremely useful, but don’t worry if you’re not very good at it. It’s only ever required in one optional area of the game. I recommend practicing it gradually as you play. Once you start getting the hang of it, try incorporating it into how you normally traverse rooms. When you get good at it, it makes moving through areas much faster and allows many items to be gotten earlier in the game. [03:11] Boss: Ridley

[youtube KE1fW6iCNN8]

Solution 100 Doors