100 Gates новое

Help TX Wildfire victims! The new tune Josh Abbott & Brandon Rhyder wrote together called «Hell’s Gates On Fire» is now available at www.joshabbottband.com with 100% of the proceeds going to victims of TX fires!!! Please donate and share this with your friends!

[youtube 6tOC0Wuy0hI]

100 Gates

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  1. Princess929RR:

    This video is bittersweet. This is my home…where I grew up and raised. To see all the people come together in this time of need is a blessing none the less. JAB did a great job on this song and the video.

  2. mwpicone:

    A beautiful song and a moving tribute to the heros who risk their lives to «dance with the devil». God bless you.

  3. Texas09131:

    Im a Fire Fighter in Bastrop Texas. I got to talk to Brandon Rhyder for a little bit at Gruene Hall and he played this song there.

  4. holbertshawn85:

    The one dislike dosnt deserve help from first responders if it is ever needed

  5. rodeoluv1:

    My parents in own a bar in Bastrop Texas and we were movin horses an cattl out of the fire some areas it was rally sad allot of my friends lost there house and everthing they owned it is VREY sad…………..
    From everyoone here in Bastrop Texas THANK YOU FOReverything yall have done and keep prayin for us please and please send any kind of donation thank you agian.

  6. Jmath360:

    i love this song i fought the pk complex and and the 101 ranch fire and this song is just awesome

  7. Kyle Lewis:

    Great video! but the song is about the wildfire at Possum Kindom’s Hells gate. And you didnt even show pictures of it PK or hells gate.

  8. xcide13:

    Thank God for bringing the rains to stop Texas from burning down and for all the corageous men and women who helped put a stop to these fires. GOD BLESS TEXAS!

  9. karenbort:

    love it
    all should donate

  10. firstsquid:

    I searched for the song title and josh abbott and got the band website..and they have it available for a minimum donation of $1, but you can pay more. I added a just wee bit extra for wildfire victims, so including the out of print CDs I’ve tracked down and paid beaucoup dollars for, this is now the most expensive song I’ve added to my collection 🙂

  11. courtneymorrow1:

    The is a awesome song… That is a very touching video and song.. God help us all in Texas.. We have had fires all around us thank god we have not been burned out… And my heart goes out to those that have lost everything… We pray for rain we need it so bad hoped for it off the hurricane and all we got was lots of wind, it fueled out wild fires and caused more with downed trees on power lines..

  12. nanamels:

    How do i buy the song..i really love it 

  13. mcbrewski78957:

    Words fail me for the horror of watching my home county and my proud state burn, but my heart soars with pride watching my fellow public servants give their best to quench the hungry flames. Thank y’all for penning this stirring song.

  14. Rgriff91:

    Any way you could make a video with all the pictures I have from the Magnolia fire to go with this song?

  15. Blaze Bit:

    i just love the song.. it goes pretty well with my emotions

  16. stormy0808:

    GOD BLESS OUR TEXAS & OUR FIRE FIGHTERS :0/ we have endured so much but still stand strong!!!!

  17. FFHill1218:

    This video means a whole lot to me, ive been out there on all the fires in North Texas. God bless all of us