Splinter Cell новое

THUMBS UP for a 17 Minute Episode!!!! 😀 In today’s episode, we infiltrate White Box laboratories to find out just what Black Arrow and Third Echelon are up to. We also happen to brutally murder every one inside. Enjoy! ———————————————————————————————————— Want to stay updated, check out my Facebook and Twitter pages? Twitter: twitter.com Facebook: www.facebook.com ———————————————————————————————————— SFH Music: www.freesound.org Wilhelm Scream: www.freesound.org

[youtube aMgoeNCaJpw]

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комментариев 17


    your awesome.

  2. gigaguy200:

    my favorite lines in this video:
    «you were supposed to fly out the window you stupid fuck.»
    «door handles are still for pussies!»

  3. saimo777:


  4. GrimmReaperDude:


  5. 2BCBattlefield:

    After playing Hitman: Absolution on the purist mode, this game looks like Gears of War

  6. TheCasualGamer2013:

    And the word of the day is: Cunt, epic commentary and gameplay btw


    05:45 hahaahahah

  8. BeyondEpiphany:

    «hey frank, why does it say rescue the scientist on the ground?» «I dont know» «All well»

  9. henry rodriguez:

    room fucking cleared :)

  10. DJDanger882:

    Auzzie Gamer favorite word is: Cunt

  11. Gabriel Cucoranu:

    nice gameplay but taking 3 or 4 targets in 1 phase makes the game simple!

  12. UrbanParkour14:

    If yo think the mark and exacute makes it to easy then well… DON’T FUCKING USE IT!

  13. JohntaviousA0:

    This dude is halarious

  14. Bear Grylls:

    I need water

  15. sparky4223:


  16. 1x93cm:

    mark and execute makes the game too easy

    if u had to sneak the old splinter cell way itd be totally different

  17. whymylife240:

    to funny lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!