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RELEASE DATE — April 8th — 2011 (Estimated) This is the first official trailer for the 3rd installment of Epic’s 3rd person shooter; Gears of War. Song is: Heron Blue by Sun Kil Moon A constantly updated source of GoW3 based info can be found in the following thread — gearsforums.epicgames.com All info in that thread is 100% accurate and confirmed by developers. For a small list of info within the trailer itself; — The «old man» in the beginning is Dominic Santiago; An Epic develoepr explained the aging as «A result of him taking Maria’s life». — The woman is Anya. The story behind her being a solider is that, in the GoW3 time period, any and all able bodied humans are fighting for their race’s survival. More can be explained by reading the GoW Novels, especially Anvil Gate. — Gears of War 3 will take place 18 months after the events of Gears of War 2. — Cole looks significantly older due to his bandana; It is unconfirmed how much older, if at all, he will look without it. — 4 player co-op has been confirmed. The campaign will feature 4 unique players at all times. Marcus, Dom, Cole, and Baird have all been confirmed as playable characters, and there will be more along the way. — The shotgun Marcus is holding is an, at this moment, un-named double barrel shotgun. According to an Epic developer, this new shotgun will NOT replace the classic «Gnasher» shotgun, and both will make appearances within Gears of War 3. — The «Pendulum Lancer» makes an appearance in GoW3. It is

[youtube u3bo-dVGxC8]

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  1. Richto Bergeron:

    Lol at the fact that dom kills himself befor this mission even happend

  2. fryejames12:

    This is one very «plain» video. =p

  3. Caio Ferreira:

    This is THE GAME

  4. fertupolka:

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  5. 120894366:

    Dom Dies

  6. butopolase:

    Go now!: goo.glk3U6R and get your own Gears of War 3 FREE.

  7. Fodog414:

    I don’t think that double barrel shotgun has infinite ammo.

  8. Origina1saltine:

    Its been moved to September since bungie hasn’t taken that release date. Sept 20.

  9. thedarksoul180:

    Like if you thought «Ashes to ashes» was going to be the one by faith no more

  10. boogster1388:

    @freshxxkidxx ha i was right! its a lancer! lol

  11. jimyjamyninjas:

    april? it’s the second day of AUGUST! 

  12. Peon546:

    lmfao Release Date: April 8th, 2011!!

  13. texansniper1:

    @nocturnal, it says April 13, 2010 in the description, dumbass

  14. ARCGamingTV:

    this vid was posted over a year ago….. retard?

  15. Nocturnalk1ller:

    @Olpdragon Also, this video was posted May 29th retard.

  16. Nocturnalk1ller:

    @Olpdragon It says April 8th 2011 you retard.

  17. RanSag1: