New Super Mario Bros 2 — Coin Rush Max Score! (30000 coins)

Getting the maximum score achievable on Coin Rush in New Super Mario Bros 2: 30000 coins. No infinite coin tricks were used. This combination of levels is pretty sweet as it allows you to use the gold flower in all three levels. This was the Mushroom Pack, and the levels shown are 2-4, Mushroom-3 and 2-Tower. The score that I would’ve obtained if the 30000 cap did not exist is 30308. This is the first time I’ve ever gotten 30000 coins in one go from a Coin Rush, so I didn’t actually know that there was a limit while I was recording; hence I gathered coins beyond 15k where I didn’t need to. This route is not optimised, but I guess it doesn’t need to be any more optimal than this seeing as it doesn’t appear we can go higher. Some general information about coin rush/some strategies that I used: I always reset if I did not get the gold flower from the box in 2-4. The gold flower in general makes any enemy kill worth money; you can couple this with a star to start doing chain kills (which instead of giving more points and 1ups like in other Mario games, gives more money instead). Similarly, when not in a star, you can do jump chain kills to get lots of money. Hitting the top of the flagpole on the way out of the level doubles the score of that level (and if you are wearing a gold flower at the time of level exit, you lose it). In the Mushroom-3 level, by using the second gold flower, it’s possible to hit the coin blocks that are behind sealed walls/floors using golden

[youtube CKLoWq8EkbQ]

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  1. TheKrosver97:

    Why is there a max score? Wouldn’t it be better to just have no limited score?

  2. 1800Hernandez:

    This is the same record I have

  3. 1Psyblade1:

    I do. The regular Control Pad feels way too stiff, and is a tad awkward in position, but is more dependable for accuracy.

  4. MrBean35000vr:

    TAS cannot be done in realtime 😛

  5. Miky Jacksanne:


  6. jcoy93:

    Not being a hater but, it’s more enjoyable to get 1 million coins by playing the regular game for me, if I did this when i first got the game i would be at 9999999 coins in a week, I am at 390931 and I had the game for 1 1/2 months.

  7. LegendarySuperMario:

    Easily the easiest way to get 30,000 coins is on 3-4… You could probably get 100,000 coins in 5-10 minutes with this.


  8. thenewaperez8696:

    Am I the only person in the world who play NSMB2 with the Circle Pad?

  9. epic1213:

    Did you mean to get hurt at the tower?

  10. Magicspirits16:

    HOLY CRAP!! Even I can’t reach to that amount! Well except for the golden mushroom pack that I got to.

  11. Eduardo Diaz:

    I also got max Coin Rush score 30000 ether by the Golden Flower levels or the Golden Mushroom levels.

  12. realgod1002:

    yeah that’s in Coin Rush… the trick i talk about is just doing only world 1-1. than again i am not a skilled player to do all this in coin rush

  13. Venom45000VR:

    Pfft, that’s not even much. The world 1-4 strat I used to use is better. Get around 2000 coins in the first level and double your coins 3 times by hitting the top of the flagpole twice and defeating the tower/castle boss. This multiplies the coins you had in the first level by 8, giving you a total of 16000 coins.

  14. realgod1002:

    yeah check Skawo80’s page. he has it up. it’s a pretty easy trick. that can get u between 5000 and 6000 coins per run.

  15. Venom45000VR:

    Waitwait, there’s a World 1-1 Trick?

  16. ElChicoMosca:

    ohhh thanks!!

  17. Venom45000VR:

    Easier to get 30k coins, but it’s very hard to get 5 life tricks working in a single run so this method is faster.

  18. MrBean35000vr:

    Beat the game’s main storyline.

  19. ElChicoMosca:

    how can i have a golden flower in coin rush

  20. Tim Barnes:

    kid u got mad skills I’ve only got to 12,000

  21. GeirMovies:

    Wow you dont f**k around do you