WalkThrough 100 Cells новое

Splinter Cell — Double Agent Walkthrough — 100% — Hard — 10:45 Mission 1 — Iceland, Geothermal Plant have fun ^^ goTh’a

[youtube k0sQbblptMw]

WalkThrough 100 Cells

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  1. Noah Weibel:

    It’s just that graphics aren’t as good quality as they are in the game…

  2. Aussie Atheist:

    I remember watching these walkthroughs back years ago when i first got this game on ps3. So many memories haha!

  3. 3wayfusion:

    Thanks 

  4. arulkws:

    Oh thanks i just complete the game last night

  5. goTha83:


  6. arulkws:

    PC or XBOX ??
    It’s look diferent with mine i got PS2

  7. metalbone:

    good walkthrough but ur messing around to much lol

  8. Yahya Shraim:


  9. goTha83:

    the gadget decode the numbers, if you see some number stoped changing, you have to lock it, do this with every column and you are successful

  10. billybobjoe1411:

    do u have to hit it at the exact number in the hacking

  11. billybobjoe1411:

    no no one knows wat u did wrong

  12. billybobjoe1411:

    this game is so different than conviction

  13. SNIP3Rx666:

    this game really pissed me off i got stuck on so many parts

  14. nadeau:

    You don’t need to turn the value on the ps3 version.

  15. nadeau:

    The value won’t turn for me.

  16. MrRedberet:

    Chaos Theory.