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itunes.apple.com 2011 has proved to be another extraordinary musical year in the lives of Cosmic Gate. It’s already brought the release of their early years retro-refit album ‘Back 2 The Future’ — singles from which took up residence in Beatport’s Top 10 for an unprecedented 3 straight months. They’ve also delivered their hugely received Essential Mix debut for BBC Radio 1 and have already brought the CG experience to close to a 100 clubs, arenas and festivals around the world. Now — saving their biggest and best till last — they’re about to crown the year with the release of their new artist album. Nic says: «Wake Your Mind is our collective call-out to the EDM universe. We want this album to shake up people’s conceptions of our music…» «And blow the lingering, out-dated misconceptions to pieces!» adds Bossi. From the first beat and bar of the album, CG’s finely tuned sonics tear relentlessly at the speaker fabric, with the strident, spiked synths of their Arnej collaboration Sometimes They Come Back For More leading the charge.

[youtube ERAbmMSGpM4]

100 Gates

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  1. dragonx85:

    google him or youtube

  2. louietsang:

    only thing zyzz can bring u is roids and a heart attack… wait he can’t even bring you that now…

  3. deejayMEBBYromeo:

    Aunt Chestbrah brought me here.

  4. vickutd92:

    this is the only song on Zyzz’s ipod in heaven

  5. hbeeSTL:

    best song from album.<3  WE WANT A MUSIC VIDEO!

  6. ZloOotkoS:

    ¸„ø¤º°¨FOREVER«°º¤ From ŻYRARDÓW IN POLAND :3

  7. Mahmoud Rashwan:

    sorry…who is zyzz ?!

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  10. xander Pierce:

    cause its only 3 minutes long…

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  13. Koun15CyP:

    So you keep coming back for more.