Правильно WalkThrough 100 Cells

apologies for the bad audio quality and J-love shout outs Lyrics: Stupid…can’t fuck with this (I know) Bring your whole team kid. Yea dunn [Verse 1- Havoc] Yo, I love my niggas for that We strike back, handle business Test the realist, stay focused And keep the, enemy near us Niggas is careless, slippin up Switchin up teams, crossin over And gettin stuck for they cream Frontin like they skills, it superb Got the nerve, to get knocked the Fuck out, then kicked to the curb Thats for you and your whole click You roll thick, more the better, so like A dick bitch you gettin whipped, shitted on Scuffed off a Mobb Deep song, take your thug off You had it on a bit too long, tuck your chain in Your gettin yaked, for you 14 karat slum gold cubic zirconian Ass having, talking ’bout it, being ’bout it You ain’t been doin it, so don’t start Matter fact, keep it moving When it’s on, accumulate like cancer cells With advanced sales, leave a snitch dead Son he can’t tell, like a Viking, we strikin Reconstructing maps, plantin QB flags Son we want to visualize picture, analyze Situate another occupation, in cardiac arrest State of mind, you must be out your motherfucking mind Put you out of misery, short your lifetime, expectancy Didn’t even reach 23, first class shot, special delivery No doubt you wanna lay it for at you, at your own crib Talk out the ass, at your own risk, it wont give one fuck Two mysterious Chevy trucks filled with black cats, crossin ya path Thats bad luck

[youtube SiOC4wVLYX4]

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комментариев 17

  1. XxPurEEv1LxX:

    i love the godfather sample 🙂

  2. Du Weisch:

    everybody is searching or this song without this gay jay love damn man

  3. masmasaimiiiisede:

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  4. thefatalveli1:

    my nigga Mega is top 5 most underrated mc of all time….. like AZ, Rhymefest, Pharoahe, Ras Kass

  5. SPFrobber:

    who was the dj for this song?

  6. xencezo:

    where can i find this song ???????????!!!!

  7. bigdog1002:

    6 people got their stock crashed

  8. PAvver:

    anyone know what album this is from? I’ve had this song for years and never known

  9. Based2011:

    J love needs to shut the fuck up

  10. Tyler Bishop:

    beat the fuck out anybody wit u ,and any body dat grab me -P

  11. gambino617:

    my nigga j luv hols it down

  12. 77macro77:

    obie trice, pharoahe monch, tech nine, vinnie paz, mf doom…. yep really annoying

  13. Jamil131millz:

    theres alot of cold mc’s slept on now a days. blu , rhyme fest , joe budden , joell ortiz. it’s sickining

  14. MoBB941:

    i send shots to any man who comes as close,niggahs get fold like a letter to to ship accross coast,who go ,to go against my millitant crime malitia,like these street nigahs sending missiles to hit ya!!!!
    dammnn p sick!!

  15. Gabulon3000:


  16. mieery:



  17. cormegaful:

    i like the other beat for this song..