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In Dragon Eggs, you play as Orella, a mother dragon who must get her about to hatch egg containing the baby dragon, Oswyn, to a new nest through a twisting and turning series of caverns. Get it now at: itunes.apple.com Balance Oswyn’s egg on your back and fly through three unique worlds and 45 challenging levels in the fast-paced action physics game for iOS from RGH Games.

[youtube kb0aH_qo5Ao]

new game IOS

Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. clydethedog2000:

    Awww it’s so cute! :)

  2. NicoteenSlut:

    Though I don’t really understand why this is in the puzzle category..what game elements require logic? I would see it as more of an adventure/family category

  3. NicoteenSlut:

    I was going to buy this til I saw the file size. Damn why didn’t I just pay an extra $100 to buy the next bigger size memory iPad! Grr I always miss out on good games because my memory is full

  4. Frank Ramirez:

    Got this game for my iPad and it is very addicting. I just unlocked the baby dragon character and it is a lot of fun to fly =D

  5. RGHGames:

    Tap the left side of the screen to fly right, tap the right side to fly left, tap both at once and you fly straight up. Alternate tapping and you can navigate the level.

  6. RGHGames:

    Currently Dragon Eggs is only being released on iOS mobile devices, but we aren’t ruling out android devices for later versions.

  7. fa11enangle:

    I just got the game, fun stuff, especially for only a dollar. I hope they release more levels though.

  8. TheDoctorHow:

    I like dragons, so this looks like it will be a lot of fun to play. Is this only for iPad, or will there be an Android version too?

  9. Tom Carlo:

    this is awesome

  10. piko567:


  11. bilggesboss:

    Looks awesome. 😀

  12. mkwhackers:

    thumbs up all the way

  13. techworldify:

    nice game

  14. TizzyShotz:

    dude this is l33t!

  15. fishyboylive:

    this is awesome, you need more views!!!!

  16. fa11enangle:

    Fun game, reminds me the old flash game Helicopter but with more levels and options. Plenty of fun.

  17. Sin8325:

    that dragon is a total sugar momma!

  18. blackdemito777:

    i sent this to all my friends

  19. chelectonus:

    Good experience, Nice color pallets. I especially like the locations. Very inspiring.

  20. funkeypunk12:

    I picked this up on my iPhone 4 and its a blast to play! Plus this is a really cool trailer 😉