WalkThrough 100 Floors новое

Played By:Shadowkirby2007 Myself and this is my Wii Gameplay Footage. I’m Still at Lv.22. This is the Last Part of My 1st Clear Battles in Flopside’s Pit of 100 Trials Floors 91-100. Enjoy. Please Leave Comment and Rank. I decided to Only Upload my Shadoo Fight for the 2nd Quest at the Flopside Pit of 100-Trials.

[youtube wCJGP9dUIG8]

Video Rating: 4 / 5

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комментария 23

  1. 2000taichou:

    I nearly busted a Nutt when i killed that annoying ass dark amazee dayzee…! FUCK YOU…AMAZEE DAYZEE!!! I

  2. billkasnak2000:

    0:29 this always happens to me 😛

  3. billkasnak2000:

    when I get to this room I jump on him with Bowser and I killed him by mistake o.O

  4. MushroomGuy12:

    this game is out to kill me. I killed all the enemies in this dungeon, and the key never appeared. then I found the AMAZEE DAYZEE had the key. ( the golden one thats impossible to kill.

  5. MushroomGuy12:

    I’m in this dungeon, and so far flimm has NEVER appeared. this game just hates me.

  6. Getlucky12341:

    Which is why there are no Dark versions of those

  7. Tthecreator1:

    Theres one in chapter 3-1 which is the one that most people actually get hit by and one in 5-1 which is isolated in a corner behind a pipe

  8. Bass Cannon:

    really only two!?!?
    Well thats not so bad after all!!

  9. Tthecreator1:

    They are not return cursyas, they do not appear in either of the pits thankfully.
    I don’t know why everyone hates them so much, ya they are annoying but there are only 2 of them in the game.

  10. cellgoondude:

    challenge himself

  11. Bass Cannon:

    What where the cursyas at the begining?
    i hope they arent returnya cursya’s! that would SUCK!!

  12. sweetapples11211:

    actually 300 🙂 world six

  13. TheNintendoBros12:

    So Game and Watch-ish…

  14. SuperMarioNathaniel:

    ur welcome!

  15. kragor1200:

    thank you!

  16. SuperMarioNathaniel:

    If you cook a Shroom Shake and a Fire Burst together in Flopside you get the Emergency Rations that heal 10 hp. However, if you use it in either of The Pit Of 100 Trials, they will heal 50 hp, just like an Ultra Shroom Shake but it only costs 18 coins total to get one instead of 300.

  17. gaurdianAQ:

    flame blast them with bowser…

  18. 성민 임:

    GOD DAMN IT!!!! I spent about 90 minutes doing this crappy pit of 100 trials after figuring that there are 2 GOD DAMN pitS of 100 trials, and I got to room 100, thinking that I’m finally done, but no! This FUCKING shadoo had toruin the day for me. I don’t want to do it again! FUCK YOU Shadoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why does Nintendo have to do this? I mean, I don’t think it’s that hard or anything, but it just takes too long!

  19. katinator42:

    you should have used catch card sp with the dark amazee dazee

  20. Dave15166:

    @Pikachu7755 dark megabite. Always takes 1 damage per hit(no matter what lvl ur power is) and flys around crazily. Hope that they don’t have the key when you see them

  21. Dave15166:

    My first try got to lvl 80 I couldnt go on had no healing items and had 4 health left so I used coin exploits to buy more stuff and try again

  22. xxJAGOBAxx:

    Best end ever.

  23. Elvisgratton90:

    I am so fucking pissed… I had bought 10 ultra shakes, went through the whole pit… TO GET BACK TO THE BEGINNING AND I HAVE TO DO IT ALL OVER AGAIN? FUCK YOU NINTENDO