Video Game Music Choir — Pokemon Medley

On 2/27/12 geekbeatradio was honored to have Video Game Music Choir as guests in UNregularradio’s Downtown Boston studio. We were blown away!! Listen to the entire episode at this link There is more video to come!! Original VGMC arrangement by Founder, Director: Julia Seeholzer Thanks to Jackie Soriano for the video footage and Rick Goodenow for the great audio mix http Watch VGMC perform «Giga Bowser (from Super Mario Galaxy» on geekbeatradio at the link below. http Watch VGMC perform «Video Game Music Choir — Gerudo Valley — Legend of Zelda — Ocarina of Time » on geekbeatradio at the link below. Watch VGMC perform «Katamari On The Rocks» on geekbeatradio at the link below geekbeatradio airs each and every Monday at 11pm EST on

[youtube sFy3cRAG7jo]

Super Mario Galaxy

Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. jdpfeifer93:

    pokemon, gotta sing it all!

    this is absolutly wonderful, id love to be able to do this in a choir

  2. ThePlatypusAgent:

    This is the greatest thing ever!

  3. Daniel Winter:

    great… now my inner child just escaped…
    thanks a lot… VgmChoir

  4. EVEmasta:

    Imagine them doing Champion battle

  5. Galeritor:

    damn… chills, chills everywhere…

  6. JackisungGames:

    i wish they did the gym leader fight

  7. dominickirchknopf4:


  8. Shawny T:

    I just LOVED the viridian forest part xD

  9. BottledYuki:

    This made me really happy to watch :’) I love the old pokemon medleys.

  10. LivinInAMissilCrater:

    Why didn’t I have to sing this in choir classes instead of gospel? :l This is beautiful :’)

  11. DEOSonek:

    if i was your student ill be super excited. ill probably even faint

  12. Kirito Asuma:

    This give me the chill!!

  13. LayHon0217:

    4:06 — 4:10 Mega ultra chills ! KO in one hit !

  14. Blueberry8557:

    I wish all the gens were included. But still, very well done. I LOVE POKEMON!!

  15. Chaoswave92:

    It was really awesome, but I’m slightly disappointed that they didn’t end on the Lance or Rival battle music.

  16. Tom Sevart:

    Can I please have this song?

  17. Tom Sevart:

    I FINALLY FOUND IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. XCutieEmo:

    WHY YOU NO HAVE 1,000,000,000 VIEWS? ;A;

  19. tupcover:


  20. RevsUnlimited:

    Right in the childhood