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We finish up re-directing the blue eco beam back to the village and collect the rest of the power cells from the mayor. Jak and Daxter 1, 2 and 3 remade for the PS3 in HD with full 60 FPS and more colors than ever before! In this episode we explore Geyser rock! Please remember this is a 100% let’s play of all 3 games. Included was trophy support, and that mean’s we’re going for the platinum! You guys don’t wanna miss this! Thanks for watching and please leave a rating it helps this video get viewed by more people who probably haven’t been introduced to this amazing series! Also Please Subscribe!

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13 комментариев

  1. tashamelio

    I’m stupid……… are you partnerd

  2. TheCoDBrothersGaming

    Huh? I get 100% and don’t even re-visit areas in this LP, don’t understand what your telling me.

  3. Tony Solomon

    your foretting power orbs dude!!..mountain pass..and the volcanic crater

  4. shufflegunz

    your awesome this was the first game i ever played in my life (on the ps2 of course)

  5. TheCoDBrothersGaming

    It’s just part 2, combine the times of Part 1 and this and that was what it was supposed to be, this was back when my internet connection took like 10 hours to upload 1 part.

  6. Tyler Scates

    Whats up with the vid being so short?

  7. GraemeB010


  8. cappachino20

    Dude I completly understand you. I’m 19 going on 20 in a few months but dammit I’m still 7 on the inside >.<

  9. MrKillerrellik2008

    Lost frontier is what GT was to Dragonball. In my opinion it never happened.

  10. BNproductions1

    love your videos man. keep them comming

  11. 5timesdying

    Is it? Oh ok. One of my cousins said Krew was still there so I just figured. My bad

  12. dudder2008

    its jak 3 to jak x.

  13. 5timesdying

    OK 🙂 Thank you so much

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