WalkThrough 100 Cells новое

We finish up re-directing the blue eco beam back to the village and collect the rest of the power cells from the mayor. Jak and Daxter 1, 2 and 3 remade for the PS3 in HD with full 60 FPS and more colors than ever before! In this episode we explore Geyser rock! Please remember this is a 100% let’s play of all 3 games. Included was trophy support, and that mean’s we’re going for the platinum! You guys don’t wanna miss this! Thanks for watching and please leave a rating it helps this video get viewed by more people who probably haven’t been introduced to this amazing series! Also Please Subscribe!

[youtube B9gkHNNAQUw]

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комментариев 13

  1. tashamelio:

    I’m stupid……… are you partnerd

  2. TheCoDBrothersGaming:

    Huh? I get 100% and don’t even re-visit areas in this LP, don’t understand what your telling me.

  3. Tony Solomon:

    your foretting power orbs dude!!..mountain pass..and the volcanic crater

  4. shufflegunz:

    your awesome this was the first game i ever played in my life (on the ps2 of course)

  5. TheCoDBrothersGaming:

    It’s just part 2, combine the times of Part 1 and this and that was what it was supposed to be, this was back when my internet connection took like 10 hours to upload 1 part.

  6. Tyler Scates:

    Whats up with the vid being so short?

  7. GraemeB010:


  8. cappachino20:

    Dude I completly understand you. I’m 19 going on 20 in a few months but dammit I’m still 7 on the inside >.<

  9. MrKillerrellik2008:

    Lost frontier is what GT was to Dragonball. In my opinion it never happened.

  10. BNproductions1:

    love your videos man. keep them comming

  11. 5timesdying:

    Is it? Oh ok. One of my cousins said Krew was still there so I just figured. My bad

  12. dudder2008:

    its jak 3 to jak x.

  13. 5timesdying:

    OK 🙂 Thank you so much