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Kismat Productions introduce their first app to you! NO WAY OUT- You’ve set yourself a challenge to become the World’s Greatest Tightrope Walker. This will test your abilities to new heights. The aim of the game is to walk from one end to another… Easy don’t you think? WRONG!! The new thrilling and exciting stages will test how steady you really are, but make sure YOU DON’T LOOK DOWN, it’s a long fall. The amazing stages will take you to all different environments along with different challenges in each stage. How confident are you to complete the challenge? Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Youtube at Kismat Productions to see who your competition is, whoever’s the quickest will be the Worlds Greatest!! Remember to get all your friends and family involved its simple all they need to do is press «LIKE». Thank you for your support. Kind Regards from the Kismat Productions Team. Release Date : Mid July 2011 Youtube = www.youtube.com Facebook = www.facebook.com Twitter = twitter.com

[youtube 57wW_v0PBH8]

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