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dj Teresa available for US and International Bookings. Currently TOP 50 International Minimal DJ, TOP 100 International Tech House DJ on www.theDJlist.com www.djTeresa.net www.RojaRecords.com www.facebook.com/djTeresa www.thedjlist.com/djs/TERESA After completing three tours to Spain in less than 18 months, Teresa has developed a distinct sound that brings the heart of Ibiza to every performance. Teresa has played at five different venues in Ibiza that include The Orange Corner, Eden Rooms, Viva, Godfathers and the world-renowned Club Es Paradis and at the Urania Disco in Montijo Spain on the mainland. As a producer Teresa has generated sales for her releases in more than 23 countries, charted on the Beatport Minimal Top 100 in July 2011 with the Pete Maguire remix of her track «Gotta Groove», publishes a monthly iTunes syndicated podcast, «Ibiza Beach», and is collaborating with multiple global producers for many releases in the upcoming year on both Roja Records and other labels. Currently she is resident on The Terrace at Jackson’s Bistro for PM Noctem Events and at Mangroves in Tampa, Florida. In June 2010, Teresa launched Roja Records with full distribution on Beatport, iTunes, Amazon, Rhapsody and 200 other online retails and cell content providers. With a steady stream of releases, the label is gaining global recognition and building a talented team of quality artists in addition to solid relationships with other labels for remixes and collaboration work. In its

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    Saw her live last night at fly dance club in downtown TORONTO. AWESOME…

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