Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess Walkthrough 21 (2/8) «Cave of Ordeals: Floors 1-10»

www.zeldadungeon.net ~ Chapter 21: Cave of Ordeals ~ Part 2 of 8: Floors 1-10 ==Contents== 0:04 Floor 1 — Bokoblin 0:35 Floor 2 — Keese, Rats 1:01 Floor 3 — Baba Serpents 1:46 Floor 4 — Skulltulas 2:12 Floor 5 — Bulblin Archers 2:40 Floor 6 — Fire Slugs 3:11 Floor 7 — Fire Keese, Dodongos 3:46 Floor 8 — Tektites 4:10 Floor 9 — Lizalfos, Bulblin Archers 4:35 Floor 10 — Great Fairy (Ordon Spring) The corresponding site walkthrough is linked below. Thank you. www.zeldadungeon.net

[youtube iIlr1m3ewUY]

WalkThrough 100 floors

Video Rating: 5 / 5

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  1. Michy1998:

    So, is this entire chapter unnecesary?

  2. saturn0205:

    The first ten floors aren’t really all that difficult. The Lizalfos provide some challenge, but you should get through them with no problem.

    I love the design of the Great Fairy in this game. She is so much better than the ones from Ocarina of Time/Majora’s Mask and The Wind Waker. But did any of the designers question why they insist on putting no clothes on the Great Fairies? OoT/MM’s wear plants to cover themselves, and TP’s covers her breasts with her hair! At least TP’s rating reflects it!

  3. silverlining723:

    im doing the malo mart thing and getting cash in the cave of ordeals. do you have a better idea?

  4. anakinfan8:

    If you want to get 3 poe souls and turn Jovani human again… He said in the last video it’s completely optional.

  5. Young Loopz:

    Is it necessary to do the cave?…

  6. loura246:


  7. gourgenian:

    Do we have to do cave of ordeals is it main quest?

  8. mogechichioppai:

    zelda games and wikipedia

  9. bob sherwood:

    How do you know the names of all the enemies

  10. KayaOfAyalia:

    Aw. The sword isn’t dripping in gold anymore.

  11. TheXenibear:

    i much prefer these videos without the music! its hard to concentrate with music i like the commentary! x

  12. ihavenousername11:

    i dont understand why i am watching this section again. you’re just so easy to listen to and very informative

  13. Brittany Bear:

    Lul, I don’t care about the poes, I’m doing this for that fairies xD

  14. TheZeldaDungeon:

    Originally, I had videos with music in here to make it more interesting because I felt that continued commentary for the entire thing would be kinda stale… a big chunk of viewers complained, but overall, people still liked it. Anyway, when we were applying for partnership, one of the big things preventing us from getting it was videos that had copyrighted material (songs), so we replaced those particular videos.
    ~ Caleb