ORIGINAL TRACK BY GRIMES AVAILABLE HERE Right so I was driving along the other day (Wednesday) listening to the Grimes album and I started thinking of a vocal so I went home and wrote it. The next day I recorded it and then, on the Sunday, I shot this video with Tom Brown. I don’t own the beat or track in anyway so it may or may not stay up here very long. But it was fun to make and a nice little illustration of how much you can get done if you just decide to do it. If Grimes wanted to sell this track or anything like that I would happily give her 100% of it. Enjoy (possibly while you can)! My vocal was recorded by Worgie. After we had a lovely bit of salmon. The video was directed by me and shot/edited/made ace by I dont know why my big gormless mouth is open throughout most of the vid. Sorry about that. Lyrics: Phones in my ears and feet on street Night air on face such sweet relief this nightwalking stalking stars fuck ya crowded rooms clubs and bars walking on a dark night, cold stark light me oh my my heart kickstarts right through my chest or vest or whatever darkest night daylight supressor huh You watch your sunset we watch the moonrise We no drive we rithe in dark times fuck man this feels so right Not another thing right now exists Romanticists slit wrists like this Outpouring sweet twilight You’ll witness, no blisters Don’t walk hard, walk listless This night is auspicious Pure black skies, no nimbus I never wanna stop on

[youtube Tf7xjZh9uRs]

100 Rooms

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  1. norfunk:


  2. Danni Butler:

    Met you at Norwich during the spoken word tour. Thanks for being utterly immense Scroob. Love this tune, loved all your poems and Kate Tempest and Polar Bear fucking ROCKED.
    If you haven’t thought about it, go take a look at the spoken word tour, it’s an amazing night.

  3. therealbangaio:

    I find him easy to understand in this :S

  4. duke mcgill:

    awesome lmao @grimezsz

  5. Kodie stachel:

    this is amazing!!!!

  6. Rob Grinstead:

    Personally i don’t like having to read the lyrics. I like being able to just hear exactly what the artist is saying. In this song i just can’t seem to do that, the bass motif overpowers the vocals and the articulation of his voice isnt as clear as usual. In my opinion this is irritating as i’ve never had an issue with past songs, like Broken Promise or Tommy C where the vocals are audible.

  7. thedrsninja:

    it’s your opinion so there isn’t much anyone else can say about it =], but personally i don’t have any real trouble understanding pip (especially with the lyrics in the description)

  8. cheezemonkey102:

    With lyrics? ????????!!!!!!!!!

  9. MushGush93:

    Listening to this with the rain pouring outside is just the best thing ever!

  10. mindistorter:

    lol acid

  11. dopeboy4evr:


  12. Ken Redfern:

    If grimes would be ok with it you should play this live! this is fucking sick man

  13. icraveyouuu:


  14. Ted Dancin:

    good god this is absolutely adorable if there’s anything i live for it’s bearded British rapping n puppets n shit oh n grimes der

  15. Rob Grinstead:

    The first song of his I don’t like. IMO it would be so much better if you could hear what he’s saying.
    Bring the hate youtube.

  16. ericamoonable:

    I love grimes. And I know love you.

  17. Josh Murphy:

    who Pip?
    either way LETS PLAY… with puppets

  18. orangePob:

    This is so excellent.

  19. purpleasurevenge:

    Heh I was going to say something about your mouth being open all the time, but then read the description