Mama We All Go to Hell (Tate Langdon) [for Dasha] (OVC)

[just watching this in 720p could open the gates to heaven :DD] 50% of you thought I wouldn’t ever finish this. Other 50% thought I was dead 😀 But here I am and I’m pleased to present you my freaking pride and joy! I can’t say I’m 100% satisfied with the result, but Jesus, I’m just happy with the thought that it is finally done! This is like my favourite song for the lifetime, I never thought there’d be something that would be worth using such a holy song, but I think it’s just a pure perfection for AHS from Tate’s POV. Honestly, I didn’t think it’d take me 7 months to create this. Blame it on 1×12 that for some reason took all the AHS inspiration I had. Just all the inspiration was gone for some time 🙁 And yesterday morning I turned on my computer and told myself «Get all your old sh*t finished, you lazy ass!» and in 1 day finished the project I was scared to open since january 😀 Now I promise that I’m back and won’t let anybody down. I didn’t even visit youtube for months, so my inbox is like screaming and I’m so so so sorry 🙁 I’ll try to fix myself, honestly, from now, whatever happens to me, I’ll find the time at least to answer you. I’m horrible, I know! Love all of you! And I heartly hope you’ll rate such a hard work of mine. Даша. Ю’а оусом энд ю ноу ит! Давно ль минули ночи декабря, Когда под нос мы с Дашей «маму» напевали… Адово было. Кстати говоря, Скорее б 13-е. Давно не выпивали. АХАХААХ НУ ТЫ ПОНЯЛА и Аня. блин, ты такая Аня вобщем) Спасииииииибооооо

[youtube NL0erfa7IAM]

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комментария 23

  1. RimaTouya93:

    That’s fucking awesome =O



  3. underthebloodredsky:

    This video is so good I can barely stand it!

  4. juggalo17jrb:

    very nicely done

  5. Allenfan44:

    I think it goes well with this video and the song makes it look more evil like I think 😀

  6. x0xEvaPaigex0x:

    Before he shoots the cheerleader he looks so pissed off.

  7. MAybeitsmeagain11:

    well done! It’s amazing

  8. xxtherebelangelxx:

    this is awesome! I usually NEVER have the patience for vids that are whole songs — but this entertained me through the whole thing! Loved it loved it loved it!

  9. imabadinfluence:

    Loved it. Even that booger at 2:56.

  10. EmpireX1020:

    Exceptional work. Loved it!

  11. Dumpfbacke456:

    WOW — incredibly AMAZING. I just finished the Season and Tate was my favourite charakter! I’m already looking forward to the Season Premiere in what … two weeks? Just love this freaky show ;D

  12. TheThaisaJonasJemi8:

    omg it is so fucking awesome! amazing job ;D

  13. Dani herdadur:

    this……holy shit.

  14. desertlover12:

    That was one of the most amazing videos I have ever seen

  15. greek echelon:

    i will never be your perfect son, sorry

  16. MusicRockerPop:

    Just…. Fucking amazing.

  17. MusicRockerPop:

    Just…. Fucking amazing.

  18. rockinxrobyn:

    This is my favorite MCR song paired with my favorite character from my favorite show!
    You have absolutely no idea how happy this just made me!!! D:

  19. Markvadass:

    А СТИШОК ВООБЩЕ ПРЕЛЕСТЬ. Жаль не затусили тогда( Не срослось немного.
    Но у нас ведь еще будет время, правда?
    Оторвемся еще и будет орать песни как в старые добрые!

  20. Markvadass:

    Значит так, прямиком к сути. Не буду гнать на то, что ждала я его пол года, коммент ты ждала от меня еще дольше. Сорри( Ну так вот, ты помнишь мою реакцию на кусочечки…Я была ошарашена, блин! А РЕТРО ФИГЕТРО? ААА. Самый шик и сок просто! Повторю, что ты шикарно выбираешь в какие моменты какие сцены поставить, это прям таки твоя визитная карточка! Теперь и для меня MCR ассоциируются с AHS, спасибо тебе! Завидую тебе, что умеешь делать зажигательные вещь, не то что я)

  21. Papageny:

    This is the best fan-video I’ve ever seen!

  22. kandikanediana1:

    This is so awesome two of my favorite things put into one ^-^
    BTW what software did you use to make this? 😮

  23. idontcare657:

    Oh my fucking god! This is amazing!